On several recent topics like the IACC and Mari Cha topics the thread was changed into another discussion than the one that started out. Seems to me if Chad set the threads up so that the first post to a topic STAYED there ,as the FIRST viewed,when anyone veiwed the topic it would be easier for some to stay on topic and more informative for all. My suggestion is that the first post be made permanent in any topic and then the viewer be allowed(as now) to view the first (oldest) or last(newest) according to his or her own preference…

Doug Lord
High Technology Sailing/Racing

Currently you are referring to the <font color=“red”>3rd option </font id=“red”>of listing displays… “View Original Post first followed by Newest post”

i like doug idea chad, or your 3rd option. sometimes i am reading the thread and the ideas change , I have started 2 threads when i needed information, i dont see why other people cant do the same thing. we have right now alot of threads about canting keels. that could have their own page
but on the whole i like this set up. i am here every day. meeting new people and getting info on nzl 32