So I was walking through downtown Annapolis yesterday when, from a distance, I spotted a tall black mast, since it was a fraction rig I assumed it was a racing boat. The closer I got the more I realized this boat was huge, at least compared to the 22’-45’ boats racing in the harbor. It turns out it is a boat by the name of “Numbers”, gorgeous looking boat with beautful lines. They weren’t Ultra-modern (i.e. plumb bow, LOA almost equal to LWL), but very close and it had a bow-sprit. After some research it turns out the boat is a Farr 60 aka CM 60. Very beautiful boat, wish I had a camera to take some pictures but I was not in luck. The thing that surprised me is, for a 60’ boat, her mast would most likely be in the 80’-90’ range, and it was only supported by 2 sets of spreaders. Just seemed odd to be, I remember when it seemed like the trend was toward many sets of spreaders (4-5 sets for a typical racing yacht of 40-50 feet). Anyway, just thought I would share my sighting as well as ponder a question. Have a good one.

For a mere $585,000 the sistership to “Numbers” (RIMA) could be yours.

[LEFT][SIZE=2]Design #414 CM60 [/SIZE][/LEFT]
The CM 60 concept was established to meet a client’s demands for an exciting but easily handled boat that would be competitive in IMS racing, with the ability for simple conversion to a cruiser at some time in the future. With similar general characteristics to the Farr-designed Corel 45, the CM 60 is very fast for its size with excellent handling ability. The boat is very competitive under IMS, with an emphasis on fast light airs performance.
The deck layout is primarily designed for racing. Twin wheels and two grinder pedestals give good central cockpit space and a clean-looking, workable layout. Cockpit sides are inboard at the forward end of the cockpit and a half-height bridge deck gives way to more space below to accommodate the interior, without compromising cockpit use.
The rig features a formula similar to that used successfully on the Corel 45, Mumm 30 and Farr 40 One Design – carbon spar with two swept spreaders and no running backstays. Generous sail area

NOTE: No runner’s either on the rig ! These are photos of RIMA !

I thought it was against the law to live in Annapolis, and walk near the water without a camera ? :wink:

Hee Hee Hee - 1/10 scale anyone?

It should be illegal, but I was actually not planning on walking until I saw the mast, I was actually just dropping my fiance’ off at the theater.

In terms of a 1:10 scale, a 72" scale boat would absolutely be a thing of beauty, unfortunately I am going to have trouble getting my TP52 around let alone a bigger boat. I drive an M3 coupe and my fiance a Mustang so maybe a vehicular upgrade is required before I go any bigger on the boats.

A likely story about not walking …

trailer hitch and an enclosed trailer like a U-Haul could be an option.

Also I see/read where Dennis Conner is thinking (or has) purchased “NUMBERS” for west coast racing. Better get back down there and reach out and touch her before she leaves ! (the boat ) :cool:

I also read that today on SA. Wierd how things happen.