Strange designs for a Footy?

Most of the designs so far are rather simple, except for the halfpint (definitely not a planked hull). So what other Footies can you think of?

planked, like a 1M?


Actually, I have given some thought to this. I saw a build page awhile back, I believe it was for a schooner. He built the hull by erecting a keel and making his ribs out of cardboard. He, then filled the spaces with foam and shaped them down to the ribs. He glassed the whole thing and ended up with a very solid hull. Not sure where the page is, tho.

Here is a design that I am keen to build.:headache:

Different enough for you?:devil:

Me too actually Ian.It has crossed my mind to build some moulds for this one.

This design is by Bill Hagerup.:king::magnify:

I hope you’ll do it, Brett…maybe vacuform in two halves? It would be fun to see how it does on the water.

Although I designed this boat, the inspiration came from Roger Stollery’s M class designs.

Since it worked OK for this one, maybe shrinking and then adjusting Marblehead designs is a viable way to make a Footy?


One of the reasons for the simpler designs is to encourage first-time builders to give it a try. Having to carve a plug, make a mold, then lay up a hull is a lot of work…especially for an unproven design. Brett, Neil, and I have done it, but it takes time.

One possible shortcut is to use the “German Rubber” technique illustrated on the Minuteman club website by Todd Brown. Once the plug is in good shape, latex rubber is stretched over it. Then the glass is laid on the rubber, impregnated with resin, and covered with another sheet of rubber. Excess resin is rolled out, and when it cures the whole thing pops off the plug. Neat.


Do you think you could build a Footy from a milk carton? It’s coated (waterproof) carboard. Need only a servo tray & keelbox, rudder, deck & rig.

In cleveland, OH, we used to have a “Riverfest” in the summer on the Cuyahoga (pronounced “Ca-hugga”) river, and one event was the boat race on a boat/raft/whatever made exclusively from milk cartons! They even tell you where you can buy empty cartons ooutright. I had an idea of how my boat club, being made of experienced modelers, could make one crazy boat, like a cat or a hydro, powered by bicycle to a propeller.

How long is a milk carton? I don’t have any right now. They sell milk in plastic jugs around here.