Stollery Swing Rig

Does anyone have a detailed drawing of Mr. Stollery’s swing rig used on Bug3, or some photos without the sails attached?

Roger published a “how to” in one of his plan sets…I think it was AWK…that is available as a download.


The Awk document has basically the same information as the Bug 3 document, but with some better photos and drawings of the rig. Between the two, I think I can get the big picture.

I have some Picture of Rogers latest Bug variation…The SupaBug, I will sort through them and try and find the best ones of the swing rig…

Sorry for the poor quality but they were taken at the London Boat show on the MYA stand.

Roger let me sail the Supabug…I normally sail Micro Magics so I don’t know how competitive the SupaBug is against say an AWK, but I was impressed… Thanks Roger.