Stiletto Maiden

I took Stiletto out for her first sail yesterday… wind was gusting about 10knts where i was, and there was a short little chop. hard conditions for a footy, but i was pleased with Stiletto’s performance! she pointed well, and cut through the chop nicely. downwind she hunkered down and ran - she had a little problem when she dipped her bow into a big “wave” which spun her around, but she recovered easily. her performance was i am afriad somewhat subtracted from by her skippers skill, but i’m workin’ on it! the only scary part was when the dead seagull threatened to intercept my baby…

my pics are too big to fit on this forum:confused: so please come find them on my website [] or they will be in 420sailors album on the yahoo group as well!

i like the #2 pic, with the buried rail.


thanks mate, thats one of my favorites too!:zbeer:

Very impressive

Nice one ,I assume with that stern that she is a bit longer than 12 inches??

nope, just 12… a little silly on my part… but then again, maybe not.:rolleyes: