Steve Fossett missing

Steve Fossett has been missing for about two weeks after taking off from a southern Nevada ranch in a Super Decathlon stunt plane.

i believe he has used this oppourtunity to make his exit. either that, or certain people whom didn’t like what he was achieving, made him “dissappear”.

I like the first idea a little better. I mean, how hard would it be for a man like Steve Fossett to just “disappear?”

They will find the wreckage sooner or later. When you least expect it, it turns up.

i can look in my back yard with google earth, and THEY still can’t find his wreckage? come on…

and see how fast THEY want to declare him dead without proof…

i laugh at those whom trust the powers that be!


Shouldn’t this topic be in The Local Pub… unless he was into RC sailing.


Kinda funny that his family is asking that he be declared dead already!!! Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. OR, do they know something we don’t and want at his money??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, makes one wonder.:zbeer:

Yes, he just so happened to be an avid RC sailing buddy of mine.:icon_smok

Very true, the normal and usual human reaction is to cling on to any hope until the proof is staring you in the face. I thought it odd when I heard this on the news.