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Anyone here have a better (i.e. slight) knowledge of formal statistics than me? Interested in trends and correlatiions.

I had all sorts of statistics in college including correlation, regression analysis & multivariate analysis of variance. Unfortunately, that was 35 years ago & since I haven’t had occasion to use it much since then so most of the details have been forgotten, although I do remember the general concepts.

Just curious, why do you need to use it?

You might look into doing a Google search for “statistics tutorial” & checking out things such as this:


Thanks. Problm has actually been solved.

Reason is an index of improvement in performmance over time in a New Zealand Classic type series that, if anything, favours people who submit a lot of runs.

That would make sense - even if not for statistics (common sense) ?

Seems that since you are dealing with both wind and waves being subject to change between runs as well as during runs, the more runs a person makes, the increased probability of their catching all the variables in their “prime” and having a fast run. This is born out by the Johhny Walker Speed Trials, as well as many of the ocean crossing attempts at records. Hit a great weather/wind pattern and have a record run. Also very obvious when the same boat beats a previous record/time.

I know that the name (or re-name) of the boat has nothing to do with it ! :smiley: :lol:

Now if you are wondering “how many” runs increase probability of going faster, there is some point where the actual time of the runs start to come back together as an average speed regardless of attempts. Thus the possiblity of having the first run the fastest versus the 17th run could be mathematically determined, but it could also be offset by the time difference and averages - especially if the first run is your fastest !

A fun project for some math majors - I am not one ! :cool:

Mean time +/- standard deviation should do it. That would account for varied wind and wave conditions. If a sailor posts many times, any average improvement would be obvious. If only one or a few times are posted, then pure chance alone could account for any apparent improvement, (or lack of same!). Would one post any poorer times, out of sheer pride?

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