Static rigging hardware

Ok, don’t shoot me because this is from my Victoria. The stock hooks for the Vic are hideous so I wanted to replace them. My wife’s jewelry making catalog carried locking lobster claw hooks that seemed right. What do you think? Yes, they’re gold, the silver didn’t match the brass chainplates.

The scale is right for most Footys too. I don’t use stays on my masts but I know some do.

PS I couldn’t resist showing you my daughter’s new boat, the Pretend Class.

Where did you get those?

Firemountain Gems. I have 96 left. Send me an email if ya want some.

I wouldn’t trust them in a blow. The ones I’ve seen are awfully soft.


Well, ok. They’re not solid gold, just gold plated brass. They’re thicker than my brass chainplate. I trust them on the Vic and easily strong enough for a Footy.

I just bought some lobster claw clasps at the sewing store, in the jewelry isle (beads & jewelry stuff.) It’s gold-plated nickel. $3.99 for 2.

Gold plated footies?? :slight_smile: :smiley:

I saw that type in the catalog too but they didn’t look boaty enough for me. :rolleyes: Makes me want to build a deck stepped Footy so I can use some more. Mmm, shiney. /Homer Simpson voice:zbeer:

Isn’t gold denser han lead?:devil3:

On further research, isn’t it almost identical to that of tungsten?

oohhhhh angus, don’t go there!:scared:

The specific gravity of karat gold is much less than the pure stuff:)

And neutron stars have a density of 7 × 1017 kg/m3 and I’ve been told balsa contains neutrons. Do we have any neutron free materials for Footys? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s just a matter of parlking. What’s the density of the M25 London orbital motorway?

Hello. I just bought my second rc sailing boat (victoria) but the previous owner had no idea about rigging set up which far from good shape. Can you help me with that issue? I’m completely lost.

I found these 2 websites very useful for ideas and options on the Vic. I’m using 2 sets of shrouds and no spreaders on mine. (Step-by-Step)

Good luck. It’s a great boat that sails well out of the box and the rules allow a fair bit of freedom for upgrades.