Starting List of Helpful Threads

I have an idea to put together a list of the most important/helpful threads compiled in to a list so that for new sails who are interested or need help can get the answer right away before even having to ask or search through all the treads.

Ex.: would be the one on how to unwrinkle sails; what type of line to use; how to make bowsies… etc.

So if u think you have found or written a good thread that you feel would be helpful please post the link below or (start a thread if it hasnt been already). <font color=“purple”>Feel free to edit your posts to add any others</font id=“purple”>

When we get enough I am hoping to post the whole compiled list in the new Sailor section with a sticky topic.

Thank you all for the help and support

Here I ll start:

Sail Shape:

Sail Material:

Full Batten Mains: