Start sequence files


There has been an ongoing thread in the footy section with regards to start sequence files.

Basically a few of the guys were looking for a female voice and the removal of clicks etc. as found on the AMYA version.

I work in a recording studio and, with the help of Ian HB who knows the voices, we put these files together.
Tomohawk in particular would like them to become used as a standard set and even as a possible update to the existing AMYA ones.

So can we spread the love around, and send these versions off to any friends etc - familiarity makes the heart grow fonder :stuck_out_tongue:

If there are any people who would like the same formats in any other languages, if you can supply the voice recordings I can happily put them together. I might be able to do Spanish and Portuguese (I’m not sure if our dialects will be acceptable though)


Versions with no clicks in the background

Versions with clicks beginning at 2min count down.


So pleased to see this finished, well done Andrew.


I would be interested to hear from anyone who has downloaded any of these files and is currently using them.
My own club in Wellington uses both male and female versions.
Which do you prefer?
Cheers, Ian.


Good luck getting anyone to actually use those, but I thank you for making the effort to make them. I have downloaded them to storage, if it is ever requested.

It seems to be that regatta directors think the old recording “aint broken” so there is absolutely no need to use something new, and the people in authority in the AMYA won’t use them because the rules don’t require it. The rules don’t disallow the clanking noise or the awful verbal queues, and the fact that the 2-minute recording is 2 minutes, 2 seconds, and that the last three announcements are off, they will just keep using the one they have been using for many years. Even though people feel they “have to” update to digital servos, radios, and audio players, there is absolutely no need to update the audio recording they use for the starting countdown.

This is quite funny, I havent been on here in ages as life got in the way, and here is this thread near the top.
I cant recall the exact timings but I can easily correct anytiming issues for you even if it’s just for your enjoyment/sanity lol.