Spring is Sproinging in Chicago

68 and sunny today. The water is still too hard for sailing, but my Nirvana is gazing wistfully out the window.

So now, it’s time to think about all those projects I should have done during the winter. I’m wondering about replacing these tyvec and plastic sails with fabric, though I’d probably have to have my mom do the sewing.

Basic questions are:

  1. What sort of fabric to use? Can I find them at Joann Fabrics?
  2. How to reinforce corners and eyelets?
  3. What to do for battens? The megatec sails have something stiff stuck to the sail.

We’re talking basic here:p If it gets too complex, I’ll just stick to the plastic sails I have.

Any photos I can show to my sailmaker on hems and such?

i would not go to joanns… try any online or local kite shop, and get some light .5-.75 oz. nylon or dacron. that is the stuff to make good sails out of. as for making them yourself, you may want to pick up a book, or website that details the making of them, sail making is a science and an art to get them right. that said, if you are just hacking around you can probably just do it, if you want sails that are an improvement, definitely, look before you leap! you might try tom widden’s “the art and science of sails” great book. really helpful… a little tough to read, tom is an expert in his field, and thus, well, has a lot of really good insight…:graduate:
good luck!:zbeer:

Found a nice series of articles, but now I have to wait till next month:scared: