Spring is a coming

Can’t wait to sail again.

Been busy in between builds, trying to get something new for me to sail with.
I have two complete rigs built now, and electronics are ready to put in something. I just have to cook me up a new hull(s) fer it all. Here’s what I got so far. Note the batteries for the receiver. (Love the new battery rule).

Going to put other electronics bits in me boats too, such as lighting systems, and other things that definately will make the boat(s) illegal. :devil3:

Anybody else concocting a new vessel to sail with?

Only two cells? :confused:

If I can get some, I want to remove those blinky lights from some kiddie shoes and put that on a boat.

Ya man. They’re 3volts each.

I saw them in Wally mart, did a bit of research online, and found they fit the bill. Two are 6volts and just over 30gm. Half the weight of my last pack.

If and when I get a cat going, one in each sponson will fit the bill nicely.

Nigel: I’m curious about your rig set-up. It looks like it started life as a swing rig, but you seem to have a mainsail boom to many and the jib boom pivot point looks like it will make the jib swing the wrong way???

It’s a stayless rig.

There’s a pin ahead of the mast to anchor the front, per McCormick design. The jib pivot is attached about 1/5 back from the end of the forward spar. The after spar is long, and the backstay is attached to it, but there’s probably a reason.

Yep. The rig just slides into two mast tube holes to attach it. The sheets have a clasp on them, so the design makes swapping rigs very easy.

I mount the fairleads on the rig, not the deck. That’s why it looks like a swing rig.

The jib boom is being over cast by the jib spar. That’s why it looks like it’s attached. It’s not attached in that picture, and when it is, it will be on a gromet, so as to offer fore / aft adjustment of the jib pivot (for some reason).

Here is an older version that is in opperational form. It shows how it all comes together.
Rather than have the two bolts hold the rig on, two posts (to stop it from rotating) wil slide into the mast tube holes on my current Lajabless design.

Thanks Nigel, It’s much easier to see on your older rig.

So your older design is screwed up? :devil3: :wink:

In the LJ II, there were several mast holes, so you could move the rig foreward or back to get it set well. I assume you need to have the rig CE figured and perfectly matched to the hull’s CLR before you build the sails?

I have a stayless rig on my LJ (version II I think?) But instead of the forward post, I use a rubber band from the forward spar to a hook on the bow to keep the rig from turning. That way the mast can be stepped into any hole on the deck.

Nah. That one works great. It’s attached to my “Green Manalishi” boat, which was sent away to England. I have to make new set-ups to sail with.

Yep I found my sweet spot, so just one hole for a regular rig, and anothe forward for if I ran a Equilibrium rig.

An interesting idea with the bow hook-up. I’ve seen another Lajabless that has a pin on the bow (to the jib area), that also doubles as a water spreader, to dissipate water of the bow very quickly in the event the nose gets buried. That plus another mod the fella has, has reportedly stopped all his bow-burying.