Another matter of grave importance. Just kidding :slight_smile:

We seem to have 2 versions of the plural form of Footy.
Footies - probably more correct but feels wrong to me.
Footys - violates standard spelling rules but preserves the class name unchanged.

Any opinions? Am I the only one that noticed? Maybe the toluene in that putty is affecting me.


Desbite my erratic typing, it always makes me uncomfortable!

Desbite my erratic typing, it always makes me uncomfortable!

Grammatically correct???

Foeti? ???

Tricky one isn’t it… and Footy is a disaster if a newcomer tries a Google search! I tend to use Footys for that same reason of not disturbing the class name. Is footy a word?.. if not then it can it be spelled wrongly :rolleyes:

I once bought a book by a majot publisher called ‘Freshwater Fishes’.


Or ghoughtteee. Following the same rules as the alternate spelling of fish, ghoti.

I love it!

Feet? feeties???


I vote for Footy’s

Seriously - the name does make them hard to find in the Internet.


Shall we have a poll? The forum can do that.

Candidates are Footys and Footies. Any other semi-serious entries?


P.S. Brett, You vote for “Footy’s”? Footy’s what? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup I was serious about that… Google is THE engine of choice and in marketing any ‘product’ Google ranking matters. Try this litte exercise…

Google ‘footy’ , as expected loads of soccer stuff…
now Google ‘footy yachts’ , bingo!

Footy Yacht
Footy Yachts… clumsy but it works.

Believe it or not, we had a lot of discussion about this a few years ago. We decided on Footys for a few reasons.

One, the Footy name fit the spirit of the class and was already well established (we can’t help it if football uses it too) so we were just looking for the plural.

Two, the plural form Feet, while perhaps more grammatically correct, eliminated the Footy part of the class name (though it was kinda fun to consider a fleet of Feet. :wink: )

Three, the plural form Footies is no more correct, and doesn’t retain the Footy name either.

So…Footys it is and, I hope, Footys it will always be!! :zbeer:

Bill H

Keep your best Footy forward :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that doesn’t overcome the fact that most ‘intelligent’ search engines make simple ‘s’ pliurals equivalent to singulars - i.e, ‘footys’ = footy’. This means that a search for ‘footys’ brings up every reference there is to football!


Angus, I just don’t see this as a major problem. Try “footy boat” instead.


btw…I Googled “footies” and got thousands of hits about hose and pajamas.

If you search for “Footy sailing”, you get my Frappr page.:smiley:

I much prefer Footys for the plural. Good call.:zbeer:

We can put keywords in our webpages to help the search engines find us. I suggest Footy, Footys, yachts, boats, sailing, radio control, r/c, and racing. Linking to each other and posting links to the pages will boost our index scores too. I’ve linked to every Footy page except for commercial sites. I may add commercial sites too. I hope Frappr doesn’t censor me.


OK. I,m an ignorant Anglo-Saxon pig! Sounds like it can be made to work.

So let’s ALL do those things.

Angus, everyone here is an ignorant Anglo-Saxon pig! We just happen to live in different parts of the world. :slight_smile: :wink:

:zbeer: Bill