Spektrum Issues

Have a problem? I have Three items.

  1. There is a recall on specific DX6i serial # transmitters which is related to the joystix. Suspect serial numbers are 807E, 808E, 809E, 810E, 811E, 812E, & 912E. Find serial # in battery area. Returns & repairs are apparently via Horizon Hobby.

There is a bulletin, so maybe someone can find it and post a web link here.

  1. On my DX6I, the Throttle /sail control switch to the right of the Joystick stopped beeping or adjusting. when pushed down. This is a real problem not being able to make this adjustment. Further internal inspection disclosed a plastic rocker that was not able to contact a set of surface mounted switches. This rocker has small thin flexible arms that flex and break easily. All 4 adjusters use the same design. I see this as a design or manufacturing problem as the surface mount switches were not seated squarely on the PCBoard. I will post a picture when I get to a PC (on phone now).

Has anyone had this problem? Is this covered by warrenty? I will report when I find a fix and what it costs.

  1. DX6 - The antenna broke at the visible joint. It is not real strong. A Google search found a similar problem, so be careful how you store & handle. I ended up using epoxy for a fix, so the joint no longer rotates.

If other known issues, Post them here.

Here’s the last notice I got from Horizon

Product Recall: Spektrum DX6i transmitters with date codes 807E, 808E, 809E, 8l0E, 8llE, 8l2E, and 90lE
Note: If your transmitter DOES NOT have a date code, it DOES NOT need to be sent in.
February 26,2009
On January 30, 2009, Horizon Hobby, Inc. issued a service bulletin for Spektrum DX6i transmitters due to a concern of potential issues with stick potentiometers. Consumers were strongly advised to conduct a test to see if symptoms of these potential issues were present.
After closely monitoring the situation, Horizon has determined that we need to physically inspect all DX6i transmitters with date codes containing 807E, 808E, 809E, 810E, 811E, 812E, and 901E, including those ending in “US”, “UK”, or “DE”. The date code will be found inside the battery compartment. Consumers with DX6i transmitters with these date codes should stop using their transmitter and visit the Horizon Hobby website at www.HorizonHobby.com and click on the Spektrum DX6i Recall link on the home or product page. This link will generate an e-mail to the Horizon Hobby Product Support team requesting a shipping call tag or provide instructions on returning your product for inspection and service. You will be asked to provide your shipping address, daytime phone number, and the date code from your transmitter. You may also call us at 877-504*0233.
Only the transmitter needs to be returned. Please remove any batteries prior to shipping. Horizon will pay for all ground shipping within the United States and Canada. Each transmitter will be inspected for the issue, repaired or replaced if necessary, and returned as soon as possible. We will work as quickly as possible, but we ask for your patience. Due to the possibility of replacement, please document for your own records any model programs prior to shipping. Inspected, repaired, or replaced DX6i transmitters will have date codes ending in “CM”, "LH’, “HA”, or “X”. No further action will be needed on transmitters with those suffixes.
If your DX6i does not have the listed date code
DX6i owners whose transmitters do not have the above date codes are still advised to follow the January 30th service bulletin at www.HorizonHobby.com (click on the 1/30 DX6i Bulletin link on the home or product page). As with all RC aircraft, please check your controls prior to each flight.
Horizon Hobby and the Spektrum team apologize for this inconvenience. Your safety and enjoyment ofthe hobby are our first and foremost priority.
4105 Fieldstone Road’ Champaign, IL 61822·217.352.1913· horizon hobby com

Also note, if you have a Date Code of 807EUS, 808EUS, 809EUS, 810EUS, 811EUS, 812EUS, or 912EUS, your unit has already been checked!


I know of several with broken trim switches as described.

I also know of one that fell into brackish water, but was pulled out before sinking. The batteries were jarred out before the splash. After a quick rinse in fresh water, it dried overnight. It is still in use today with no noticeable problem. It is used in RC boats, and NOT used in any aircraft!