Spektrum DX5e binding

Has anyone bound a DX5e to multiple receivers (for use one at a time, of course)? Trying to figure out if I can use a 2nd boat without the need to swap receivers from one to the other or to re-bind each time I go from boat to boat. The DX5e documentation is silent and I’ve gotten conflicting answers from folks on the RCUniverse forum. Thanks.

Try this.

Turn on Tx and then Rx#1 and binf the Rx.

Turn off Rx #1 and turn on Rx#2 and bind Rx#2.

Cannot see why that should not work as there is nothing in the TX that changes for the Rx, so the Tx should not care which Rx is in use.


Thanks John,

I think you are right (and 2 out of 3 on RCUniverse think so too). I’m still hoping to hear from someone who has actually done it before I fork out the cash for a 2nd receiver.

i have the dx5 i radio… and i love it…
as of this minute. I am running 4 boats off the 1 transmitter. 4 different recievers. and it works.
you just have to be carefull. and i dont know why this happend to me…
but after binding my first boat . i started the second. and it worked fine.
but i guess i did not turn off the second boat. because i had a problem binding the 3rd boat
i got it fixed. and it works great… no more lunging around 4 boats and 4 tranmitters… just the 1 trans…

good luck

Just as a sugestion, Look into the Spectrum 6i. you can program up to ten boats on the same transmitter.
I bought the dx5e and thought it would be good idea to bind the 2 boats to the same transmitter and it worked very well. But, as my fleet grew it turned out to be a better idea to go with the dx6i. With the 6i you can program each boat such as trimming servos, servo direction and much more.
At the present I have:
Fairwind III (set up to the DX5e)
Soling 1M
Tug Boat (rescue boat for sailboats)
AND Helicopter
all set up
I figured I would just sell the 5e, but I kept it and set up 1 of my boats to it so I could introduce friends to RC Sailing.