Spectre Footy

Has anyone heard of a Footy model 507 from Spectre of Australia? A friend has one and it looks interesting. I’m having trouble finding their web site.



I think you’re asking about Gospectre: http://www.gospectre.com/footy%20yacht.htm

He has contributed many times on this forum & appears to have a nicely thought out design & product.

Let us know what you think if you go ahead & buy/build one. We’d like to see the results.

Bill K

Thanks for the links.

What about the Victor V-12? It’s a boat kit at about half the cost. Is a compete Footy kit worth $150?


Tomo, I doubt there’s been enough match or fleet racing between these models to begin to make a judgement on which is the better sailor. BTW, the 507 is about $140 USD + s/h ($30 AUS).

IMHO, yes I think a complete Footy kit could be worth that much if it is nicely done & sails well. Perhaps you should buy both kits & compare. Let us know if you do.