Southern Maine Seawinds

Ahoy all you current and prospective Seawind sailors!

Check out the Southern Maine Seawinds website. Let me know what you think.

Spring is just around the corner in Southern Maine and I hope to make some progress with growing a fleet of Seawinds here. If any readers have RC sailing contacts in Maine please steer them my way.
(207) 318-2247


John Coale
Seawind 250

Hey John,

Nice to “see” you here, and hoping all is well with you up there in Maine!

In the past several years we appreciated your efforts to make the trip down here to our club in Connecticut for a couple of regattas, and we are hoping you can get here again for this years’ Seawind Nationals in September. The NOR and Entry Form will be available very soon, so how about it…?

(Anyone up John’s way should not hesitate to contact him about Seawind sailing in his neck of the woods. He’s a great guy and lots of fun to sail with.)

Nice site, John - Keep up the effort!

Regards, Ken B.