Some Basic Questions

Hi! I’m posting here because the Footy class really interests me.

Firstly the most important question for me - recently my father suffered a stroke and lost the use of one arm/hand. I know that R/C yachts require two channels. Is it possible to competitively race yachts with one hand? Is there a certain kind of R/C controller out there that makes it possible/easier? I am in the UK.

Next, I am looking for an R/C yacht class where my father and I can be competitive without spending a lot of money. All the clubs near us have IOM but not Footy. It looks to me like a competitive Footy (like the Razor 3) wouldn’t cost too much. But what about IOM? I read somewhere $3,000 to be competitive. That is a lot of money for us.

Thanks! Andy

Any four channel set will allow one handed use.
Either the left or right twin axis stick can be used for rudder and sail winch.
Some three channel sets also have one twin axis stick.
Get a set that has the ratcheted throttle (sail) stick on the handed side. On some sets this can be changed.
If buying new then go 2.4GHz and get a set with transmitter set end points for the sail servo.
There are many Flysky sets sold under different brands that are cheap and full featured with light receivers:
Be aware that a new series of receivers is now made for these (includes a 5gm 3 channel).
If buying used get a light FM receiver and micro servos.

I use a 4-channel transmitter because of its convenience to have both channels on the one stick. The right stick is for sail and the left one for the tugs. On all my 75 MHz 4-channel transmiters, I can put the ratcheting on either stick.

I also have the Hitec 3-channel, single stick transmitter, but it’s designed for right-hand use.

Thanks for the replies. It’s great to know that they can be sailed one-handed. Thanks!


I use a pistol-style Futaba transmitter with wheel steering and a trigger for sail control. The wheel is spring-centered while the trigger is free but with an extra frictionpiece added so that it stays in position unless it is deliberately moved. I like wheel steering because the boat turns in the same direction as the wheel is turned, regardless of which direction the boat is pointing. With the transmitter in the left hand, the wheel can be operated with the right. I often, however, operate the wheel with my left thumb, which leaves my right hand free for anything else, like launching and retrieving, adjusting the centering controls, using a handkerchief to blow the nose, etc. While most people seem to like stick control, I find that the pistol-grip style of transmitter suits me just fine.
As to the cost of hull and rig contruction, you really don’t need to exceed $30-$50, if you use a bit of imagination in your choose of materials.