Soling vs Panache II

I’m thinking about building my second boat, with the first being a Victor mini America 3 a while back. I have a 2 channel radio, a hitec 765, and a large battery pack. My question is, what would be the comparative merits of a Soling 1m vs a Panache II? I know that is about as “apples to oranges” as I could be. There isn’t anyone else in my area, so the “local is best” stuff doesn’t mean anything. I have access to a shop and building materials, and I have extensive experience with model planes. I’m wondering more about the finished product though; considering my experience with my first semi-toy boat, what kind of differences am I going to notice between these two boats? I’ve read the amya’s guide to building the soling, which suggests that there are production inconsistencies that help keep the price down, but that they should be addressed during construction. How will the panache compare in this area? Have I not seen a similar construction guide because of the reduced popularity of the panache, or because it doesn’t need one?

Once on the water, how will the larger size of the soling make it different from the panache? Finally, based solely on subjective and opinionated preferences, which would you say is more boat for the money considering the circumstances? Thanks in advance for your contributions and/or suggested reading.

For what its worth-
I have a Soling one meter and I think its a great boat for the price. Don’t know a thing about the panache so I’m a tad biased. I find that The soling is really good, without comparing to other boats, in a wide range of wind speeds. IT’s very fast and responds to small changes in rig set-up and tuning. If you’ve made planes you’ll have no problem getting it together. Pouring the keel can be a tad tricky. When I did mine I didn’t pay enough attention to keeping it cool as the resin cured and I was woried the whole thing would melt into a disgusting blob or burst into flames from the heat that comes from curing. Luckily it didn’t happen. I also had made a paper funnel for pouring in the buckshot and andother funnel for the resin, but somehow I got mixed up and the buckshot was getting clogged in the funnel, meanwhile the thing was curing fast and… well you can imagine. I think I had the fast cure hardender which was a mistake.There’s a slow cure that works better.

I also like the soling becaue its sortof non discript so you can personalise it with whatever paint jop and sail collor design you want

I’d be out there sailing mine right now only the damned pond got covered with ice.

Thanks for the tips! From what I can read, the soling does seem to be similar in construction to my mini america3. I’ve heard lots of good things about the panache, but they have all come from the guy who sells it. He seems nice and all, but I sure would love to have a second opinion.

Why don’t you go to the AMYA Panache II/ ELITE page.
Contact the class secretary and see if he can get you in touch with other Panache sailors around the world.

The AMYA Panache class page.

Peter R.