Soling One M prices question from a newbie

I am new to the sport having sailed a bit over the last few weekends. I was curious about whether $400 was about right as far as payment goes. I know there are a large variety of boats in that range, so I figured I’d throw the question out to the masses and see what various opinions are out there.

The base kit is about $135 plus shipping. Add about $100 - $125 for radio gear (radio, receiver, sail winch and rudder servo, batteries and maybe a charger). You will also need to purchase lead for keel bulb, glue, paint and miscellaneous parts and supplies. Then add in the time to have it built for you at $15-$25 / hour.

If you are talking a used boat, the $400 is at the low end of cost - and dependant on being ready to sail. If it’s used, and the current owner is keeping radio gear, the cost moves it to a slightly higher end - all depending on what is being furnished. Are there a second set of sails? Good condition - or poorly taken care of? Stand? Kind of radio - AM vs. DX Specktrum 3.4 gHz type? If it has AMYA assigned numbers, you can contact the AMYA class secretary - as my guess is that there are other owners who may know the boat/owner.

If you do purchase it, check for straight and aligned keel and rudder. It’s a heck of a good class with lots of good competition, and as a one-design, you are limited to what you can/can’t change. Again - go to the AMYA web page and look up the class, read the rules so you know what is ahead of you. It’s one of the best entry level boats out there with a very large number of racing owners.

Good luck