soling 50/dumas probar

hello, I am a new member to this forum, but a long time AMYA member. I have just picked up an old vortex era Soling 50 with an ancient Dumas probar winch.This is plikely a “bang-bang” style old 3701. Does anyone out ther have a copy of the instruction sheet for this winch or hints on rebuilding, maintaining, or tweaking it? I know it is a long shot…but was just hoping. Also any information re: the older soling 50s in general ie; rig tuning etc. sure would appreciate any help. I own a very old (protheroe era) Santa Barbara and a Whirlwind J but the Soling is new to me.

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I should be able to help you with anything you need on any of the boats you mentioned, including the Soling 50, the S/B and the Vangaurd Whirlwind. We are hosting the J Class NCR next month here in San Antonio, Tx if you are looking for an excuse to get out of town… we would love to have you attend.

If you can’t make it and just want to follow along in all the action you can watch as the event develops on the website :

Please feel free to contact me at:


Send an email to Dumas and they will send you the instructions.

Hey Larry, how is that genoa winch project coming along? I still want one for a boat with overlapping jibs.

Michael Edwards
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You have a vintage Soling 50, made in the 1970-1980. Check out our website at: and go to the “Tech Corner”. We have manuals and other info on your boat. It depends on the buyer, but it could be worth up to $400.00 or more, depending on what is included and it’s condition.

Let me know if you want me to list it for you on our website.

Best wishes and good sailing,

Stan Ogden AMYA #10832
Soling 50 Class Secretary