Soling 50 boat cam

I bought a cheap little video camera and made some racing videos with it. On this video at about 5 minutes in, I hit the commodores boat while trying to round the first mark. There is audio, but you have to turn the sound way up.

Thank for a video that kinda looks like the real thing, except for the bouncing and the way the jib luffs (too fast for a big boat.) Is there a way to get the camera up off the deck 2 or 3 inches? I think the view would be more realistic; on a real boat, eye-level is above the deck instead of the on the deck. You’d have to try different spots to find the right place. Too bad those little things don’t have a wide-angle lens.

Thanks for the kind words on this first attempt at making a racing video. I could try raising the camera a bit, so thanks for that suggestion. The jib material is very lightweight. This helps because it reacts very fast even in light winds.

You can’t do much about how the jib flaps, or the boat probably wouldn’t sail right. Probably slowing the video rate is the only thing. I was thinking that “eye-level” is about even with the main boom, so that seems like another problem you might just have to tolerate, unless you can find a creative solution, like making a camera mount from wire so you can mount the camera off the stern behind the end of the boom.

Can You she the information about your camera? I’d like one with colour and sound, and a wireless connection, but the range is usually not to great.

The camera is the one shown here in this link:

I’d get it without the SD micro card and then just buy a 4GB micro card. The batteries only lasted about 45 minutes, and that was about 2.5 GB of video.