Soling 1 Meter Cherry Blossom Regatta, AMYC April

Hey folks

Just wanted to let folks know about an upcoming (april 4) Soling 1 Meter Regatta

This will be the First Annual Soling One Meter Cherry Blossom Regatta. We hope for this to become a recurring event. As it is the first event, no chevrons are available for this event.

The event will be held at the Ashburn Pavilion (30 minutes from DC) in Ashburn VA. The Ashburn Model Yacht Club will be hosting the event. The event will run during Washington DC’s annual Cherry Blossom festival which runs form March 28- April 12

This will be a one day (Saturday) event such that you may be enjoy the sites of DC on sunday with your family, if you choose. We do have a normally scheduled club race on Sunday, so you could still sail a second day if you choose.

AMYC has been hosting the Pumpkin Regatta (Victoria) for the last 10 years, and several Regional Championships (Victoria) over the least few years as well. This will be our first Soling 1 Meter event in quite a few years, a NOR has not been posted as of yet but as more info becomes available I will pass it along.

Please visit our website and follow the link to the Notice of Races.

we have a big schedule planed for this year. We hope to incorporate the Soling 1 Meter into the annual Pumpkin Regatta making it a two day affair, one day for Victoria’s and one day Soling 1 Meters, but that is still in the works.

Thanks for the time

Marc Smith