solid rigs and rotating wings

does anyone know where to find info on solid rigs and rotating wings?

Give me some time after the holidays and then PM me. I have stuff tucked away all over. Also try Bill Korsgard with the ice/land yachts, and look toward the 10 Rater class at AMYA (contact class secretary) for info on rotating masts.

I have a few solid wing drawings. If Magnus Clark is still visiting the site - you may be in luck and he is part of the Canada’s “C” Class challenge for next fall (2007) and is probably the best bet for info on new wing ideas. Their cat was sailing this fall - and the team also owned the old Patient Lady solid wing cat.

thanks for the info. it’s funny, i was donig a search for the “canadian magnus f100”. the search led me here. then i saw your message.
one of them cosmic-loop-things.
i plan on a f100 in the future. still trying to sort out a job, so i don’t have to much R&D funds.
the wings are for my 12" future cat. want to do something like “le hydroplanuer”. also, for my mono open footy. i ca build this thing really light.
ie. the design has a light displacement (when compared to 500grams).
so i figure that i can build a rotating wing complete, at about 20grams.
we’ll see though. got lots of stuff going on in the mellon.