Software Recommendations

Does anyone have any recommendations for Mac software for b[/b] NURBS/Wireframe design of hull shapes (i.e. CAD/3D modeling software) possibly one specific to nautical uses) b[/b] sail design and/or b[/b] any other software you’ve found useful?

Hi. My (limited!) knowledge of what the full-size professionals use (ie full price software!) is either Rhino or MaxSurf.

for sail design, a great free program is Sailcut CAD. you can adjust the sail size and shape it to almost anything you can imagine.

Thanks guys! I’m familiar with Rhino… was hoping there was something with an easier learning curve… Putting this project into perspective i realized i didn’t want to design a “real” boat :slight_smile: But again, thanks for the input - it’s very appreciated. I was beginning to think i was being ignored. :slight_smile: As for Sailcut CAD, i’m downloading it right now.

Thanks again guys!

Here is a link to boat design forum that shows all the free/low cost boat design programs out there.

Freeship seems to be the most popular.