Snend me my money

I have finally got a response from Ernst. He says he was going to send me two boats a long time ago if I would have paid the $400 for shipping. I agreed to have them shipped COD but he says the shipping won’t do this. Any sugestions. I’m just trying to get my boat or my money. He won’t send my money.

Suggestion: Find out from Ernst who the shipper will be and contact THEM. Give THEM the shipping money. If you’re willing to accept it COD, then you prolly have the money available… Pay the shipping company and tell Ernst they’re on their way. Just get a guarantee from the shipper that, if Ernst doesn’t have your boat(s) ready, that the shipper won’t whack you for all the money.

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

Most of the big shipping companies, such as UPS or DHL, will allow you to schedule a pickup and pay for it yourself. Most likely you will NOT be able to COD the delivery charges, but you can pay them, not him. I would not trust Ernst with any more $$. $400 seems a little steep, how large are the boxes?


DHL agreed that I could pay by credit card, they would even pickup the box. Ernst agreed to solution. It has been two weeks Ernst has not called DHL and will not respond. Earlier–"and I would be willing to bring the box to them - as long as they have a branch in Vienna and as long as I don’t have to pay anything for shipping! I made all arrangements all he had to do was call DHL. Ernst "I am not your servant—he was supposed to call Sept. 22. Have started contacting all the fraud sites I can find. Also someone to go directly to his house.

Dear William,[:-banghead]
you know and I know, the TWO trimaran models are on their way to you since two days! -
You paid the DHL shipping fee and the transportbox was picked up by the DHL courier on thuesday! -
We both know as well, that this solution could have happened six or even twelve months ago, but you refused to accept it! -
So please be honest enough, to tell all rc-multihull interested persons, that I had never been the problem! - I had presented a proper solution a very long time ago, but you where unwilling to agree - now, much later than necessary you finally accepted it - and obviously it works! -[:-banghead]

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Dear Dick, once again - please keep up the peace! - There CANNOT be 7 people, who are angry about me, as I NEVER GOT SO MANY ORDERS -… -
Otherwise: what are the names of these persons?
Each one you’ll find - send them a mail RIGHT NOW - and ask them to receive their ‘ordered’ boat from me -…- but there aren’t any! -

Keep up the PEACE - and No more lies about me, please! -
Otherwise I have to send a note to the moderator!

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Dear Dick,
please swallow your hatred against me! -
Keep the peace! -
The ONLY person you are harming with this behaviour is YOURSELF! -
And your intention to build up a big and strong rc-multihull group in the USA! -

Andrew Wanie doesn’t even WANT his boat anymore - but not because of my ‘unreliability’, but because he’s just TIRED of all the FIGHTS WITHIN THIS MULTIHULL-GROUP! -
And that’s the reason as well, why MARK BALDACCHINO WITHDREW! -
Nothing else! -

By the way:
Too many people know of me - reliable or not - they have seen the evolution of my designs and the achieved quality! -

It is visible to everyone:

You have NEVER reached that building standard - couldn’t even get close to it -, invalidating me causes therefore invalidation for your goals as well! -
You cannot harm me - only yourself! -
If YOU are into selfdestruction - OK, fine - but why you do this in public? -


Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Juno keeps cutting me off as i’m typing will do message in parts. It is 9am in Hawaii. I did not receive a confirmation on shipping so yesterday so I called DHL and the had no record of pickup. The agent I dealt with did not work yesterday. I called 7am today abd he confirmed pickup. Tried tracing shipment on it’s way

Ernst message: Ihave decided to end up with ALL MY SHIP-MODELBUILDING-ACTIVITIES, and I have thought about WHAT ELSE I can put in that existing tranport box- The boats are waiting for shipping!! The Superslim, a modified Nightmare MkIII, one extra Nightmare MkI mainhull-all fittings installed,( but shells not epoxied together)

plus RC-SET,plus sail winch,plus plans, plus sail samples,plus several small parts /fittings.

Is there a way I can send Ernst e-mail direct to this site. As you may recall in May Ersnst said he was going to sail boat then ship it. I ordered a ready to sail boat. I see no mention of mast, rigging or sails. Just incomplete boats from two years ago but I am finally getting something. I did not want to reply here till box was opened.

they have seen the evolution----- Who has seen what. Only Hannu got a boat built by you. Delivered by himself. The achieved quality. You wouldn’t send me the Nightmare because you said you messed it up and were sending the Superslim instead, if I could wait two more weeks. Two years ago. You are now sending me the same boat that you were going to throw out. You have never finished these boats and never sailed them. No one has sailed one of your boats against another tri. Mine seems to be fast compared to a US-1M. What do Ineed to do to be able to sail one of these boats. I will report. " I have decided to end my------

I don’t want to do this but you won’t keep you mouth shut. I must reply to your remarks. I sorry to those that don’t want to read this but Ernst’s actions must be known to stop future reoccurances

6:50 PM Hawaii. Box arrived at6:00. Have unloaded everything on the bed. I have two boats with x-arms which were attached at one time seem complete… One hull (main) which is two pieces. Nothing else has been done to hulls. No trunk for fins but rudder tubes. I have a swing rig set up with mast, booms and sails. Two rudders and two keels incomplete very rough probably can’t use. Hitec Ranger II radio set complete and a 725BB sailwinch. No mounting in hulls.A container with some nuts bolts a few turnbuckles. I can complete one boat possibly with what is here and have extra short kit left over. I will have to figure what goes where. A lot of work ahead but close to what I spent. Not what I wanted but after two years I got something. These are the boats from two years ago.

I have asked Ernst for help on how to assemble the swingrig? that is in the box . It is a diamond spreader mast with a pin in the bottom. There is about an inch from the turnbuckles to the bottom. The mast has no room for a goose neck. I have a yard the has a threaded fitting top and bottom. I don’t know what goes in it or what goes in the hull. Ernst says I must apologize in public and write in public something really positive about the boats “Then I maybe help you”. I have been making swingrigs for twenty years. The mast goes through the yard and is long enough below the yard to go into the hull. Anyone have any ideas how to make this work.

just saw you are selling your multi…wondering why[:-bonc01]
as i could read, Ersnt said he s building some great boats…well if you are selling it…guess his boats suks
feel really sorry for you, you waited such a long time before getting it…and now you got it…you sell it cause Ernst’s boat suks…what an !"#$
another proof of Ernst’s misconduct

sorry for you mate


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

by the sounds of things. this guy ersnt is not the one to get ideas from. is he only building multi hulls? I know i take time in producing my own hulls. but i dont take money untill i can delever. maybe this is what people should do with him. I dont knwo if he does good work but if he does, maybe people can work out a pay half know. to show they are serious. and pay half when they get the hull. it is just an idea?
lloyd cougar ertel