"Snap" weather helm

Edit: I reposted this thread here since it seems to be the most appropriated place.
Although this was primary directed to Lester , please all members feel free to make any comments

Hello Lester

I read with great interest the technical content of your website.
Lately my attention was attracted by what you called “snap” weather helm and some explanation you tried to give for it: Hull characteristic, rig tuning …

Although I’m don’t pretend to be an expert (my interest in IOM is only a few months old), I d’ like to submit another explanation for this “snap WH”: Fin stall.
As you know most top yacht builders are now using rather thin fin and rudder profile (6% t/c). As you stated in various articles thinner the fin, lower the drag , but sooner the stall…
Can we imagine that a sudden puff could increase the boat lee angle past the 5-6 degrees , making the fin stall, suddenly increasing heel angle and weather helm as a result.
what do you think ? Am I totaly off ?


P.S pardon my bad english, which is not my mother language