Is there an easy way to put smilies in the body of a post?

Just click on the smilie on the right hand side to insert it into the body of the post. Or if you want you can even use shortcuts like just inserting a colon and a right parenthesis.

I’m on the “Reply to Thread” screen. There is no smilies on the right hand side on my screen?? Down at the bottom it says “smilies are on”. Right below where I am typing there are “Post Icons” but thays not them is it?


so you are seeing this screen without the smilies?

Don, Maybe I can help. :help:
Click on REPLY button…Go to the bottom of the “Reply to Thread” page.
In posting rules box, click on the word “smilies”,…it should say smilies are on.:spin:

You should now have a screen with the full list of smilies available to use.
Make your selection in your reply…:veryangry:
Now you just type in :whatever: and it appears as a smilie. :long:

Any problems come back to me.


Ian- smilies are on. If I click on smilies I get a seperate window about smilies but I don’t get the smilies like in Dans post.

Fixed it -I was using using an option that dosen’t display smilies.
Thanks for the help

But the smilies don’t go into my post when I click on them. They don;t drag and drop either. Boy I could sure use some smilies to express my emotions about now.

Don, what brower, and what browser version are you using?

also if i might ask, what type of machine are you using pc or mac?

P.C. with IE6.

OK I’m to the end of all the things i can think of. Chad any ideas?

Don, forget clicking on the smilies, that does not work for me either.
I also have no smilies shown alongside this reply box.
So, if you simply type in your reply, :whatever: with the whatever replaced by say king you should get this :king:
Try it and we will see the results.


try erasing your internet temp files…and the cookie!

If still not working, let me know!

Nope, that didn’t help. Sure hope I remember all my passwords.


I have read the vbulletin manual, tweaked more options for smilies, double checked your account, and, I am very sorry, but I don’t know!

I am now using IE! :pirate: :devil2: and it seems to work!

Sorry cant help you…

Here is a list, you have to input smilies manually…

O.K. Lets see if I’m doing it right. I click on “Post Reply”. That gets me to the “Reply to Thread” window with the smilies over there on the right. I want to put a smilie where my cursor is so I put my mouse arrow over the smilie, it turns into a hand and I should just click on it and the smilie should appear where my cursor was, right? Drag and drop doesn’t work either. If I click on “more” over on the smilies it opens a little window with more smilies so that means all that stuff is active. It ain’t the end of the world but I would hate to insult someone with an attempt at humor with no smilies to emphasize my intent.

yup, you are doing it right:devil1::devil1::help:

[LEFT]After reading DON`S posts I realise that I maybe missing out on some of the options available to me in the composition department.
I am not trying to[FONT=Fixedsys] hijack your thread but this is my test.

Cooooooool. :idea_125:[/FONT]:flirt::bouncy:[/LEFT]

Here is what I do (though I try to use these annoying little things sparingly :icon_smil )

Click on the “Post Reply” icon, and the reply box opens. Scroll way down to the bottom of the screen - below the listing of all the prior posts in the thread. See the box in the bottom left, headed “Posting Rules”? Within that box, click on “Smiles”.

A new browser page opens, with all the smiles.

Copy and paste the code of your selected smile back into your reply. You have to switch between browser screens to do this - either by mouse or via Alt-Tab.

It works even better than an Aussie being paid with beer tokens :cool: