Slr 1200

Well guys it’s taken a little while, but here we go.

My SLR 1200 is a ‘Big’ Boat by RC Sailing Standards and was specifically designed for open waters, and stronger winds.

Measuring 1200mm LOA, 1500mm with Assy Pole, 300mm Beam and 2.2metres from Bulb to mast tip.

The SLR 1200 is arguably the ‘Sexiest’ RC Yacht (Yes I am Biased) around and I’m pretty sure you guys will have something to say about it.

Enough woffle, what do you think.

HCW - photos ?

nice to see you here HCW…

Sounds like a Marblehead only smaller.

I think this may be HCW creation…very nice

Where are the little men on the steering wheel and the winches?:bag:

Are line drawings available for the boat?

I like the idea - but at 1200 mm LOA, I still see this as an “individual” built boat - and only slightly smaller than an “M” Class as noted.

I was really hoping there would be interest for a “Maxi Series” type of boat, that is boardering on the edge of being (almost) impractical. Something of a size that would cause spectators to step back and exclaim “Holy Shit That’s Big” - and really draw the public’s attention. Something to get the general public’s mindset away from “toy” boats!

I’m not saying there would be no budget - but the boat, it’s size and it’s components would be foremost - with advertsing/sponsorship/funding to follow.

If we (syndicates) decided - it might be able to be a one-design of sorts if a VOR designer, with tank-test hulls were willing to build a group of 6-10 boats all at one time of their final hull. Hulls only and syndicates are open to fit out as desired … keels, sail area, weight, etc. This one-design build could accomplish some economies of scale and at the same time allow for hulls pretty close to the same. The designer doesn’t have to give up ownership of the hull lines, but yet syndicate buyers are “treated” to the most current hull design thoughts.

See the thread on RYX class ideas.

I don’t know if it just me, but I seem to having trouble attaching Pic’s.

Brett, your’s just came up as attached Thumbnail?? No Pic’s

Dick, the SLR is more suited to passage, longer races across a variety of of conditions, it’s at home running around a course near the Shore, or smack bang out in the middle.

As for awe factor, these boats have them, definately as they do look so lifelike, and so not a toy.

By the way I’ve beaten Marbleheads on a number of occasions, stay with them uphill, then out gun downhill by sheer Sail area, good racing though.

I’ll try some more photos.

A Couple more.

Since “Wildcard” first hit the water in 96/97 the prototype has seen many Mod’s including new rudder, new keel, Transome Mod’s and further development of the boats unique Assy Spinnaker System.

I do hope I can get photo’s of the boat under 2m squ Assy on here shortly, as I’d safely say, “Wildcard” is one of the fastest RC Model Yachts you’re ever likely to see.

Stay Tuned is all I can say.

Wheres these pictures HCW? I can’t wait to see that beautifl boat with a huge assy on it.