Slithey Tove in Colwyn Bay

OK - start the Transatlantic conflict going. Colwyn Bay Model Yacht Club will be holdiing an open regatta in Llandudno on 16 September2007. Details will be posted shortly.

Come and have fun - and show that Brittania Rules the Puddles!

Unless the usual ‘somethings’ crop up Angus I do expect to be there. I have a resident Kittiwake awaiting me in Blighty and if it wasn’t for the security hassle and needing UK radio I would plan on bringing a SiREN too.

Sign me up!


Angus, A proposition for you. If you can find me a loaner radio and receiver for that weekend I’ll be the second US entry for your September Colwyn Bay regatta. I’ll bring a couple of boats to race, one as a loaner. Payback. I will provide radio(s) and receiver(s) for your boat(s) if you decide to come over to Raleigh in October. Two sets is my sensible limit. United have some excellent fares Heathrow to Washington DC during september and october. (and reverse) book by 20th August. Let me know a.s.a.p , I’ll book my flights… Paul


We are duly honoured.

Graham - if you want to bring Siren, we can provide radio gear.

Both of you - Keven has radio gear crawling out of every cupboard in his house. If you have any plug compatability problems, let us kmow. I presume either 27 MHz 40 MHz will do?

As to the payback, I do not realistically expect to get to Raleigh. I would love to but my mobility is currently pretty bad. I’m trying to pursauade some of my ‘flock’ they should go, but without much successs so far.

That would be brilliant Paul… we get to meet in Wales and then a month later sail together in Florida… gosh what a jet setter I am becoming!

I should be ok for radio in that my mate near Sheffield also has cupboards full… or if I bought some 27 on the right crystal here (half the price as there) then I could bring that, international compatibility.

Angus… did you get as far on your planned trip here as to discover how best to pack your footy so as to avoid security problems? I can pack a box for check in but the thing will have wires galore on the x-ray. Did they give you any advice? I am otherwise thinking of mailing SiREN and then flying her back, somehow I expect less problems in Manchester than Chicago… dunno why. Is it best to label the box with the contents, maybe even a photo perhaps… I am sure the b*mbers don’t do that. Note how I carefully avoided a key trip word there :slight_smile: Any thoughts?


We had no hasles (apart from American Airlines). We paked the boats in separate boces within a hold bag and told the people at the checkin desk what they were (no batteries in system). When they emerged, the bags had not been opened (or not at all obviously). I suspect hat if u make too much noise u arouse sspc**n.

Excellent. Next stage is for me to see if I can get time off work. and I won’t be seeing my boss for about a week, Shouldn’t be a problem but in the US employees taking multiple out of town holidays are treated with suspicion. It’s probably because it suggests that we (the peons) must be overpaid, and probably have a poor work ethic, if we take more than a week off per year. Wierd country in some ways. Sorry to hear you are unlikely to make it oacross the ‘pond’ in October.

Paul - there is another very cheap service JFK to Liverpool. Don’t know how it fits in with you plans at this end :

If you send your e-mail to, I’ll xsend you an entry form and some teails, You’re invited to a post-race party.


Slithy Tove, tove, tove…mmmmmm … now I am having nightmares about it but ideas are gelling Angus. Mums the word though… I know what you mean Paul, I am self employed and my boss is a total b*****d!

Tickets are booked Angus. Now I have to pack my ‘fast’ boat and a few essentials. How is the entry list going?


I really should learn to tie up all the details before posting. It seems that I will not be visiting Colwyn Bay in september. I am the assistant manager of a marine store (yacht chandlery ), and it seems that the manager is taking off for 10 days in September including that weekend. So Angus thanks for the support, sorry I cannot make it, though I am determined to get over to the UK sometime in the next 12 months. And Graham I’ll see you in october, I’ll e-mail after the weekend re timing.

Soory about that Paul. See you next time.

Graham - with signings on and crossngs off, it’s currently hovering around 14 entries.

I have another entry for you Angus… I will email with his details and our frequencies as soon as I know them.

That’s a pity Paul… see you later for a sail at Daytona :slight_smile:

More signings on - 16. We migh break the 20 mark!


The shakedown and tuning of my mate’s Kittiwake on a secret pond in Doncaster went well Angus. SiREN is still awaiting R/C but is intact and undamaged after her first 4000 miles, thank you BMI (the only people to fly).


Graham, remember that you and Alan are invited here for dinner then evening before. Turn up when you like.

And a bit of art photography (!) of Janis McAllaster’s lovely prizes for the Sithey Tove. Everyone knows that Slithey Toves have long, pointed noses, don’t they?


Seems like some nice work comes out of Wisconsin:) Nice work Jan!:zbeer:

Hi Bob… I have paased on your comments to my dear wife, who is Jan McAllister by the way… not sure where you found that spelling Angus.

Nice photos there… especially with the monument… one for the albumn. Nice work Mark.

So what’s the wind forecast Angus? Good blow on up in Sheffield today… I will be sailing SiREN at the secret pond again this afternoon alongside a Kittiwake… just to get the bugs out of the new RC. At least I can then come last knowing I did some testing first!


Badly selected bifocals. Come to you, one day!

Forecast is 16 knots SW. Since the lake is right on the sea front, it probably means 16 knots SW!

Are you coming to dinner on Saturday? Please let me know.

For directions, see,-3.721619&spn=0.14834,0.215263&z=12&om=1