Size of B rig

From reading of different bout rig designs, I have read that the A rigs are usually about 650mm tall, and the B rig about 550 mm tall. According to the documentation I have, the “smaller rig” is not supposed to project more than 305 mm above the measurement box. I wasn’t expecting that much if a difference in height!

So unless you can fit your Footy way down into the measurement box, your B rig will be a lot different than your A rig.

the document Attached has an example of the different rig heights.

You aren’t fixed to a single ‘top’ rig for all time - you can have a big one for summer and a small one for winter - or whatever suits your fancy. I think that’s what Bill meant by the A and B rigs.

The rig that you can change down too during an ‘event’ is always max 305 mm.

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This might help you out a bit:

It must really be a blow if you need to go down to a 305mm rig, half the height of the usual 650mm A rig. Talk about handkerchieves.:stuck_out_tongue:


Tomo, most A rigs are around 450mm on the mainsail luff length.
I have built one at 550mm for ultra light winds, but I would suggest that anything over that would be almost unusable.
Unless you have a very different concept craft ofcourse.:devil3:
So the step down from 450 to 305 is not so extreme, especially if you should have a longer foot lenght to the smaller luff.
Hope that helps mate.
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I think that the rig height of something like 550 or 650mm is the overall mast height, and the sail dimension is quite less, like you say. Part ofthe mast is under the deck, and part is exposed at the top.