Single vs. multi-panel sails?

Hi Everyone,

I was considering making my own sails for the 2 Seawinds I own. I’ve done some reading on sail making at the AMYA and other sites and have decided that properly cambered paneled sails are probably better than the stock Kyosho ones in the kit.

  1. Is this a valid assumption?
  2. Sail making for beginners is not an easy procedure and I’m going to put down some money for the broad-seaming board from Great Basin. Is it worth the trouble? Is there really that great a difference?

Thanks so much in advance for your help!!

For the Seawind I don’t think that it would be worth it. If you were going on to something larger later on the experience would carry over to that… or if you enjoyed it and wanted to take a stab at making sails for profit that would be good useage also.

Larry…my own personal sail maker is making some VERY nice paneled sails and the difference is very notice-able…my 2 yen

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Just do it …[:-thumbu]
I have found sailmaking to be very rewarding. I believe there is much to be gained by making your own paneled sails. Why not tune your “engine” to get the best out of it you can? You will learn much along the way. Send me a message and I will get you started with some specific information.

Larry what is the reasoning behind your comment that it would not be worth it for the Seawind???

Seawind #80

I was thinking of a different boat… I had it confused with the Sea Lite.[B)]


_/ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! _

You might want to begin with a sailmaking kit for R/C boats that I found on ebay. Includes a plastic camber block, sail material, corner patches, sail tape, etc. Search Ebay for R/C sailboat and it will be displayed.[:-glasses]

Doug Hale

For what its worth, I had single panel sails, which I made myself, on my vintage M for years and recently I got a suit of multi panels with the same dimensions and I have yet to be able to tell any difference. My over-all standings were the same in a couple of regattas with the multis. Could be other variables. Wish I could race the boat against itself with two different suits of sails at the same time. Might need to create a parallel universe.

I have made several sets of panelled sails for my Micro Magic and it really makes sense. my boat sails a bit faster in moderate winds than the most boats with single panel sails. in light winds panelled sails are really a must have because your boat is a lot faster than boats without them. panelled sails. and in a strong breeze it doesn’t make any sense to have panelled sails.