simple Footy hatch solution

Hi all Footy builders.

I just stumbled on a neat solution for a Footy hatch. My parts box had a Soling One Meter lazarette hatch (intended for rudder-post access on the S1m) that I never installed. So I put it in my Footy. Then I called George and ordered 3 more! :smiley:

For about $7.00 you get the vac-formed flange to glue under your deck and the hatch cover, which seems to have a nice tight fit.

You can find this little gizmo at Victor Model Products

Bill H

Hi Bill

I use microwaveable abs plastic soup containers with lid that is just under 3 1/2" diameter. The lid weighs 6.2 g with holes taped over with electrical tape. I cut ~3/8" off the top of bowl and epoxy into the deck. It weighs 5.7 g for a total of 11.9 g. My scale AQT-600 scale is +/- 0.1 g. I have been sailing this boat for 8 months and have never taken on a drop of water. One skipper at Indian River MSC in Vero Beach saw mine and added it to his Kittywake and likes it, but Graham did not like the idea.

Now for the cost, I think I have you beat. My wife was on the Jenny Craig diet and was throwing them away, so my cost was $0.00. I recently saw Campbells soups with a red plastic lid, so your cost could be a buck, but it comes with lunch for free if you look at it that way.

Attached is a photo of HA with the black lid. The deck is blue monocote.

Hey Bill, spread the word about our Regatta this Saturday, Jan 17th in Tanglewood and racing starts at 1:00 PM. I heard that there are some Footy skippers along the gulf coast, but we have not been able to contact any Footy skippers in areas from Tampa South. I heard the name B. Crane, but cannot locate him.

Trophies and Chevrons to 3 places with entry fee of $5.00, so they have got to like the price. Small boat, small price. See notice of race by clicking on Florida Footy Festival II on front page of

victor also sells his v-12 hatches and flanges seperate as well. much larger area to get your hand(fingers) into…and lighter than the lazerette hatch…