Sign your Panache II/ Elite up NOW!!!

We have had a lot of customers contact us recently about registering their Panache II / Panache Elite models with the AMYA.

Here is the AMYA page where you can register your model.

The AMYA has set up a page just for us.
Let?s get those boats signed up!!!

Peter R.


How about this for an offer???

If you want to register your Panache II/ Elite with the AMYA. Climate Models will pay your registration fee.

You must be a <u>current</u> AMYA member with a Panache II or Panache Elite.
You must supply your AMYA member number to us and have it verified by Michelle before we will register your boat.

Please contact us by E-mail
We will send you your sail numbers and Sail logo once your registration is complete.

Thanks to everyone for your help in getting the Panache recognized as an AMYA class.

Peter R.


I am just starting out, and my first boat is a Vic. I haven’t even taken her out yet but already am looking for future boats. I may or may not even ever compete, but was curious how many Panache II/Elites have been registered so far. Side note, any idea what pricing is going to be on the Halo 30? Do you plan to seek recognition of the Halo as another racing fleet in AMYA or the Canadian Model Yachting Association?

At this point there is 5-7 Panache II/Elite?s registered with the AMYA.
We have sold hundreds of Panache kits and would like to organize a group/class to bring the boats and the sailors together.

Let me make it clear that Climate Models does not seek class recognition for any of our designs. The class must be run by its members, not by the manufacturer.
Climate Models could easily build and register 20 boats to get a class started today.
This does not lead to a productive, active, and self sustaining class.
We believe that a class needs to be owner friendly and run by its members. If the members run the class, it will be what they want, not what the manufacturer wants. Any manufacturer that buys their own class is simply after market share and does not care about the people who buy their products.
That is not how we run Climate Models. We listen to our customers. We modify kits based on our customer?s input. What other model company can claim they do that?

The Halo 30 kit will be around $200 USD. It will be available with Carr sails for around $300.00.
You will never see a boat of this quality for this price from any other manufacturer.
If you would like to see a class association for the HALO 30, we need to find an interim class secretary, and 20 people need to register their boats.
Climate models will help out will race sponsorship, promotion, and prizes for any event if someone wants to set up and run the class. We will not run it for you though.

Peter Richards


Thanks for the info Peter.