Shroud, forestay and backstay loads?

Hello all,
I am getting ready to add the deck attachments for the shrouds, forestay and backstay and in the past I used recycled bike spokes, but I was wondering if 80lb stainless braided cable would work. So has anyone ever checked to see what loads are on the attachment points while sailing fully loaded?

What kind of boat/sail area?

What type of shroud/stay connections - screw eyes, through bolted eyes, aluminum/brass rails with holes?

The boat is a IOM, I was just used a stainless hoop for the conections on my previous IOM. I use little turnbuckles for the shrouds and just a bowsie and spectra fishing line for the back stay.

Backstay loads are up to about 3.5lbs
Shrouds and forestay about 5lbs. each
If you lift the boat by the mast, you are lifting about 8lbs. spread over the 4 stays.

In a collision, you may see double the static loads.

Go check out Lester’s site and he has a spreadsheet with various conditions and loads posted in it.

The shrouds can have quite a bit more load in them than John suggests. Mine sure do. You can play music (high pitched) on them. I use the back stay for the bass sounds.