sheet systems

Whats the best sheet system and why? Whats the best way of going through the deck blocks or posts to get sheet exits up higher?

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We use an endless loop.
To exit from under the deck we all fit small diameter brass tube.


That is another one of those questions such as who was the best player… you can use the continous loop, you can use a light elastic to pull against your half loop both utilizing a drum winch. You can use a swingarm with the winch in the middle (fulcrum) and moving both ends of the arm in different directions, or a single arm to sheet in/out at the same time. You can also use a “wringer” style winch for your genoa or headsail.

As for passing through the deck, common sense applies in that smoother (less friction) is better. More friction means sails not moving out in light air because friction on the line is greater than the effort to move them. The more carefully you plan the rig internally, the easier it will be to adjust and setup and take down your boat.

If you are sailing around by yourself having a good time whatever works for you is fine. If you are going to be racing, then you want to make sure that you are getting the most efficient operation to allow consistant performance as well as easy access for minor adjustments during the heats.

Also planning ahead to allow for replacement of failed rig items can make life a lot easier when (not if) such things should occur. There are a lot of boats floating around out there with an extra hatch that was not in the plans. Some were made when the boat was built, and some came later on.
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Do you have a few photos of this?

would be interested in seeing them.