Sheboygan, WI Footy Fest

This is my first time to attend this annual Footy Regatta that Graham from helps promote. Neat thing is that 3 other skippers from Sebring, Fl will also be attending this 3rd annual event for the first time. Racing starts at 10 AM on Sunday, May 17th. Should be a great turnout.

We hope to get some photos and post results on the TWMYC website.

Two of my FF-2’s will be competing in this event. They can be spotted by the characteristic hump over the Direct-Drive Rudder™ and the ASymetrical Stern™. The FF-2 is a narrower and more rounded hull version of the FF-1 “Flame” boat that was sailed at the Nationals. Looking forward to seeing how it performs. My Brother-in-Law will be racing one in his first Regatta. Good Luck Larry. Stay tuned.

Hi Frank and anyone else attending the Sheboygan Footy Fest tomorow. It’s blowing hard here today, 20mph solid but tomorow looks much more promising at 6 to 9 or 10 during the day. Forecast here

I wonder if I met the other Tanglewood skippers at the NCR in March?Looking forward to chatting with you again Frank. We have a few guys coming up from Chicago so this is an opportunity to try to get things organised around the bottom of the big lake. A regatta in Chicago could be ideal to draw on a big area.

I am going to be having a go with my new ‘Dragon’ at this event with the OPUS rig, my first racing with a una rig. I’m banking on you Tanglewwod guys to not be acclimatised yet and have freezy thumbs :slight_smile:

See you there,

Good Luck ~ and please remember to have fun!

Saw Graham at the pond Saturday afternoon (it was blowing) and he mentioned his New Rig Creation he is calling the “OPUS” Rig. It stands for “OPosite Una Sail”. If this is anything like the OPUS ONE wine at $100+ a bottle it should good or maybe even great. This should get the Spy Camera shutters clicking and start the rumor mill buzzing. Stay tuned.

Butch, I passed your Good Luck along to Graham.

Graham was kind enough to send me some photos of his OPUS rig for my new FootyCAT and I have built one but as I did not want to steal any of Graham’s thunder it has not been used in public, so it will be interesting to hear others comments.

heres an old pic of mine from 2003

Here are some initial point results for the top four places with 11 races completed and 2 throwouts:

1st Frank Thorley 10 pts TWMYC
2nd Graham McAllister 19 pts SAMYC
3rd John Gallenberger 20 pts TWMYC
4th Toby Vetting 33 pts SAMYC

Graham will be posting the final results shortly. Graham’s wife Jan made beautiful stained glass trophies depicting three sails upon water and the both of them are to be applauded for putting on a fun and friendly event.

Our four Tanglewood skippers are some odd guys as we took places 1, 3, 5 and 7 out of the ~11 boats entered. The other TW skippers were Larry Schlies and Larry Tregear, our newest member. Two competitors were from Michigan, four from Chicago area and the remaining from Wisconsin.

Thanks again Graham.

Now that some people are experimenting with smaller batteries, I was wondering whether anyone tried to use a pack of 3 AAA Li cells, and whether they lasted for the entire regatta.

Hi Walt, I know that Lawrence Hartley has been using 2/3rd AAA’s and says they are fine. He certainly sailed all day at Birkenhead no problems

Sheboygan Footy Fest 2009
May 17th. Wood Lake, Kohler, WI.

Our third annual Footy Fest is in the book and a good and enjoyable event it was. The weather was good with wall to wall sunshine and around the mid 50’s F with a light to moderate NW wind. The forecast was for W swinging to SW but that didn’t happen unfortunately because it would have given us a less flukey wind.

I was there bright and early about 8am to set up and we had our first arrivals after 8.30. Measuring and registration was an easy affair with no controversy to deal with, we don’t do controversy here anyway. I must thank Frank Thorley for the loan of his excellent perspex measuring box, it is so nice to see what is going on in there. We had a good mix of boats and ideas to look at this year with Frank’s new assymetric sterned boat ‘GoldFoot’ and the ‘JimBobs’ from the Tanglewood (FL) guys. It was nice to see a bunch of Kittiwakes come up with their owners from Chicago from the Fleet 4 Commanders club. Three very nicely built boats named ‘Huey’, ‘Louie’ and ‘Dewey’, made me smile. We were running a little late having had some technical difficulties with the bouy launching system so after a friendly skippers meeting we got underway.

The first race went to Graham McAllister with Frank Thorley second and Toby Vetting third. I was sailing my new ‘Dragon’ design with una rig for the first time competitively so this was an encouraging start. Then ‘Fast’ Frank (GoldFoot) got into gear and took the next 4 races with second and third being shared by Toby Vetting (Kittiwake), myself (Dragon) and John Gallenburger (JimBob). We took some longer breaks between the first couple of races so that we could take a look at the boats which had struggled in the first race and see if the experienced guys could breathe a little more speed into them. This is part of what this Footy Fest is meant to be so it was good to see that the slower boats did improve and were later finishing just a leg or so behind.

After a good lunch break at Quizno’s Subs just along the walkway we were back bang on schedule with a restart at 12.45pm. I took the first race again with ‘Dragon’ with Frank second and John third. Toby Vetting was fourth, Larry Tregear fifth, Larry Schleis sixth, Dick Chvojka seventh and Don Powell eighth. Then ‘Fast’ Frank did it again winning four in a row with Graham, John, Toby and Larry S. sharing second and third. The last race of the day was a very slow affair but fascinating non the less. Graham won this final race with John second and Frank third. During the last two races the wind had dropped very low and some floating weed which had been held against the bank by the wind started to encroach on the course. I came ashore and pulled weed and relaunched in those races as did others so it was becoming very tense as weed avoidance became a part of the tactic. As a result of the weed we called the eleventh race as the last, just one short of our target of twelve races.

So the day was about over and a few guys had already started on their way home so the group shot is missing a few. Jan and I conducted the prize giving in the foyer of our lovely venue at Woodlake. Jan McAllister made the three trophies this year as stained glass plaques which we hope the winners will enjoy owning. The final results were 1st Frank Thorley, 2nd Graham McAllister and 3rd John Gallenburger. The full race-by-race results should be posted somewhere closeby. We hope that everyone who came along felt that they were a winner in some degree, whether they picked up a few tips, made new friends or just had a good day out. It was particularly good to see a young man among the fleet at his first Footy regatta, Adam Zimmermann from the Chicago area. Well done Adam on your 8th place and we hope to see you here again, all it takes is practice and you will be beating us older guys as you have youth and good eyesight on your side!

I would like to thank again Paula Williams of ‘The Shops at Woodlake’ without whose help and encouragement we would not be able to have the use of this lovely venue. Mark Klarkowski who was dragged away screaming by work but provided our bouy set and tug boat launching system. Jan Mcallister for making the trophies and standing all day watching the starts and scoring the finishes. ScaleSailing for sponsoring the trophies and event which keeps this as a ‘free entry’ regatta. Don Reimer who rose literally from his sick bed to help us set up in the morning. Don took 4th place the last two years so would have been a tough guy to beat with his new boat had he been able. Frank Thorley for his Footy Box and encouraging other of his Tanglewood Club members to come along too. And last but not least everyone who came along and took part, first or last, a regatta needs you all.

We hope to see you all again next time,
Graham McAllister
Sheboygan Area MYC.

PS. I just added the full results as a .pdf but I don’t know if it will be readable here. If not I’ll have Charles post them at the Footy home site.

Hi Walt, that is exactly what I was using for power, 3x AAA Lithium Energiser (non rechargeable). I did put a fresh set in for the regatta day just in case but they lasted without a problem. The boat was switched on for 1 1/2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. The similar cells I took out will go back in now for fun sailing and have probably been on for about 5 hours and still going strong. For information my servos are a Bluebird BMS380-MG and a Hitec HS-55.


Hi Walt H

I have been using 3 AAA’s since April with no problems so far. I posted a thread call “Lithium Battery Watch” on using 3 Cells and how to monitor them. Unfortunately, I think the title is bad and I tried to change it to:

“Lithium Battery Voltage Monitor”, but the change did not change the main title. Maybe I just need to figure a way to delete it and repost,

Check it out and let me know what you think

Graham, what a nice race report and photographs.
It sounds like you guys had great fun.
I guess you will be staying with the Opus rig from now on then?
Excellent work by Jan on the Trophys

Hi Andy, yes I think I will be staying with this una rig and seeing how it develops. It is the first una rig I have sailed so I am still learning how it is different from the sloop rigs I am used to and I am only just learning how to tune it. This was it’s first time out competitively so I have to say that I am very pleased with it’s peformance and my 2nd place. I am far from being a great skipper so I must put it down to the boat and rig.

OPUS will be a part of the upcoming ‘Dragon’ kit and will be available from us as an ‘almost ready to use’ complete rig. For anyone who would like to know more please visit my news site at
There is news of ‘Dragon’ at the Home page there too.

Would I have done better with the ‘Pond Sprite’ and sloop rig? I have no idea, but Frank was unbeatable on the day with his nicely trimmed McRig I reckon. An early Kittiwake K1 with small sloop rig came in fourth so it’s still wide open I think.

Fair winds,


I think your idea of some type of a simple rig is a good idea and it is a good thing for beginning skippers. It may not be the most efficient style rig, but beginners will get more performance from it because it is not as complicated to setup correctly. A few simple guidelines should go a long way.

The traditional sloop rig has way to many adjustments to get it even near optimized as you saw with the help you gave the new guys at the regatta.

Hope all goes well with your OPUS Rig and launch of the new Dragon.

By the way, I have a very young friend that could design a good original dragon logo for you. She loves to sketch dragons. I wll see her tomorrow and have her send you a sample if you would like.

I have posted more photos of the Sheboygan Footy Fest '09 on my Flickr account at

Use the ‘slideshow’ shown at the to right, it works well on there.

Yes Frank go ahead I would love to see what your friend could come up with.


Great pictures, Graham. They made me wish I had made the trip! Maybe next year.

No that’s ok Scott, I need you to stay home so I can win this thing again! I have been beaten into second place these last two years by ‘hot’ skippers.

Seriously though, we would love to have you here. I’m hoping to persuade Paul T. from Florida and Bill H. back again next year.

Jan took all of the photos as well as keep score, oh how I wish I could multi-task like her!


Tanglewood’s webmaster has just posted an article about the " Sheboygan Footy Fest" at

It contains photos probably not seen before which were taken by our Marquette, Michigan skipper Larry T.