Sheboygan Footy Regatta Results, May 20. 2007

Phew… where to start, guess it has to be the weather…

‘Wunderground’ said 10 to 15mph, someone else said 10 to 20, I think we had all of that! The direction (NE) was good for our lake which for the most part gave a steady wind but the island and reflections from the buildings did come into play too.

6 boats started the 10 heats and 6 boats finished, a testament to the fact that footys can stand the pace. I heard one comment that these would not have been pleasant conditions for 1 metre boats.

Results and ‘congratulations’ photos first…

1st…Graham McAllister…SiREN
2nd…Bill Korsgard…Pipsqueak
3rd…Toby Vetting…Kittiwake
4th…Don Reimer…Kittiwake (modified)
5th…Mark Klarkowski…Kittiwake
6th…Scott Heling…Pintail12
‘Angus Richardson prize for strength in the face of adversity’…Scott Heling!

L to R… Jan McAllister presents the prizes…
Graham, Bill, Toby, Scott

Special thanks to…
Jan for designing and constructing the beautiful trophies which I believe all of the winners will be proud to display.
Mark for making our bouy system and bouy launching tug.
Jim Slapikes and Jan for ‘timing & scoring’ in the cold winds.
The SABM group for helping to make this happen.
Woodlake Shops for allowing us the use of their property.
Angus for his encouragement.
…and all the skippers for turning up!

The first heat start and beat up to the windward mark…

This was by far Scott’s best start with the game but ill suited lug rigged Pintail12 he had on loan, but he never gave up!

Bill made a video of one of the starts… you can see it at

photos 1,2,3…
Graham (SiREN) and Bill (Pipsqueak-McCormack Rig) battling for the far bouy.
photos 4,5…
Graham, Bill, Don & Toby at the leeward mark

Close quarters close-ups…

What a treat to see all those Footys in one place and racing too!!! Looks like it was cold, but you guys must of had a ball. Hats off to you Graham for putting on a great event. And, Jan, your trophies are fabulous!!!

Thanks to everyone that participated in and organized the regatta. I had a lot of fun. It was great to meet another fellow footy skipper from out of town as well. Already looking forward to the next footy regatta.

You noticed we were well wrapped then Bob! Saturday was in the mid 70’s would you believe… ah spring in Wisconsin. As far as we are aware Bob this was the first fleet racing footy regatta to take place and we can all swear that footy racing for real is a blast!!! In retrospect I am rather pleased that we had a stiff and gusty wind… it just further proves that footys can be sailed and raced in tough conditions too, they are far from being fair weather boats. More strength to the class.

What a great event! Beautiful trophies and presenter, too.

Congratulations for participating in the first of what I hope will be many Footy regattas in the USA.

Though it got a bit chilly, stiff gusty breezes make for better sailing than the no-wind conditions most of us had for the Postal Race a month ago. The fact that all boats survived is a testament to Footys, indeed. Another myth busted!

Thanks all for the posts…I hope I’ll see a regatta report in the next Model Yachting issue (hint) so everyone can see how well Footys perform!

Bill H

…Graham, Jan & all the guys who showed up to have a fun day of Footy racing. I had a great time & found that racing the Footy class is just as exciting as bigger boats. Graham really had his new Siren dialed in & showed the rest of us how it should be done. The Kittiwakes also sailed very nicely. As far as #17 is concerned, I plan to change the rudder to a transom mount, plus widen the fin a bit for better control. The MacRig performed nicely.

A good time was had by all & we plan to do it again next year, hopefully on a warmer day…:wink: :wink: :wink:


ps; the video credit should go to Toby’s dad. All I did was set up my camera.

Thank you guys on behalf of our small group SABM (Shegoygan Area Boat Modelers). I have a full report part done for here Bill H., I could adapt it for the magazine I am sure… we are not an AMYA club though. Jan appreciated and thanks you for your comment Bill :slight_smile: .

I have added a new page to the ScaleSailing web site, a Regatta Report and Diary. I will add Footy Regatta dates as they are announced. Go here then follow the ‘regatta photos’ link to a photobucket account with lots of extra photos.

Next year Bill K.? Maybe we won’t wait that long :lol:


well done to all,looks like a good time was had.

A couple of points to note though :slight_smile:

Regular footy racing has been held at the Southwater club in the UK for the past 6 years.

Bill Ks hull is a Micron Mk1…not a Pip squeck as reported.

Well done Graham. lets hope to see more footy racing,I am sure we will.

Graham et al…

 Well done !!! The page and photos are great and it looks like you all had a great time...  Hope to see lots more reports of organized heat races this season...

 It looks like we will have our first Footy Class race next month with at least 4 boats ready to race... Details will appear on our web site...


Bruce… :cool:

I see, perhaps I am guilty of thinking American when I say ‘here’. I was told so often this was the first genuine fleet ‘footy class’ racing regatta that I believed it, (as opposed to ‘12" boats’ which I thought was the Southwold rule?) sorry.

Bill wasn’t sure what he had so we assumed it to be a Pipsqueak. So this was a Micron Mk1. interesting stuff.

I think you’ll find this was the firt ‘open’ event. Roger Stollery goes to Southwter ‘by invitation’ - alhough I’m sure anyone else would be very welcome too if hey asked.

John McAssey are I are doubly sory we didn’t manage to make it.
Can’t get our pictures of Akela to fit here so we’ll get them them posted somewhere ASAP so you know what you missed beating.



Thanks chaps… pulling this together really was a lot of fun and the competition and comaraderie made it into a great day. Maybe we will do it again later this year?

The fun actually started Saturday evening when Bill arrived and we three headed out for a meal. The early evening was a little murky but the view from the restaurant down the Sheboygan River onto Lake Michigan raised my spirits as always. Later Toby and Scott, two of the SABM guys came around. We quaffed beers and talked boats and life until the very late evening, Angus called and joined in long distance.

Sunday morning, up bright and early, breakfasted and on our way to start setting up. It was windy but the internet forecast promised a lessening wind from 10 to 20 down to 8 to 15 (haha). I looked at my smaller set of sails several times but decided to go with the big area despite the wind. The course was set courtesy of Mark’s hard working ‘Vac-u-Tug’, registrations finalised and we were ready to start but waited until the published time of 10am just in case we had last minute arrivals.

Ultimately we had six entries, with the addition of the two we lost to American Airlines (thanks AA this will not be forgotten) we would have had a nice size fleet, comfortable for our first attempt at organising a class type regatta. Six was a good start though and made for some good racing through the field. We set the course with as much bias to the bank as we could manage to bring the beat leg sufficiently in to wind to ensure the need to tack. This was the case all day as I remember, in fact the wind swung more westerly later to improve the situation.

We ran four races more or less back to back before the lunch break. Races were taking approximately 15 to 20 minutes I think. At 11.30 we took an hours break and went inside the mall foyer and Quizno’s to warm up and eat. After lunch the wind was still blowing strong but the sky was brightenning a little. Back on the water and we ran six more races in quick succession, like a well oiled machine!

I suspect Bill like myself has quite a bit of racing experience behind him and it was fun getting into close quarters with him. We had a tricky little tacking battle going up the windward leg on one occasion, good to have an excuse to call ‘starboooooard’! In general I think that his Micron/flexy rig could make ground on me on the run, but on the beat the SiREN could drive away powerfully.

Two of the Kittiwake builders deserve mention, both Toby (3rd) and Mark only put their new boats on the water two or three weeks before the event. Toby has almost no sailing experience and no racing experience… he will be one to watch. Mark’s boat was lacking some tuning time I think so should show a stronger challenge soon.

So, chilly but smiling we all pulled our boats from the (strangely warm) water for the last time and the scores were calculated. We ran 10 heats which with our system allows the dropping of two scores. I am using score sheets borrowed from a friend who sails with the Sheffield Model Ship Soc. in England… they borrowed them from elsewhere, etc. Thank you Alan they worked a treat and very easy too.

My much better half, Jan, presented the trophies as you have seen and we all agreed that we had had a great day’s racing and that we would indeed be doing it again. We would love to see more skippers of course and we hope that you will feel that our event is worth travelling to.

I think we can post the heat by heat results at the Footy Class Site, if not I will add them here.


Congratulations on a successful regatta. It certainly is obvious that everyone had a good time. The comments on the video are precious. :smiley:

Full ‘heat by heat’ results are now at

Thank you Charles.