Shark Class Cats

I did a quick search and didn’t find this posted previously. Hopefully I didn’t miss an earlier post.

Enjoy -

With that narrow beam and a cat design, I bet they are a handful in a blow. Good light air boat though, looks like fun.

Pretty cool, kind of a dated design and no masthead float!

Oh My GOD - talk about “flashbacks” …

Had a real one of these in our old Saginaw Bay (Michigan) Catamaran Racing Association. Can’t recall how many times we had to help pull it up on the beach !

To put into perspective - real boat is 20 foot long x 10 foot wide and HEAVY ! And I mean REALLY HEAVY !!! All solid glass hulls (early ones) with solid, folding plywood “bridge”. The newer ones like those built/sailed by Ron Sherry were "ultralight and usually all wood, cedar-strip construction. Nice to see such an older multihull class still sailing.

This is great to see someone building/sailing scale stuff - something sorely lacking from AMYA support/promotion/recognition. (except for the J Class and a few “plastics”)

Thanks so much for providing the link.