Setup up of a Boat Rigging Section?

John B has requested that a rigging section and boat setup sections be developed… Which I am all for if there is enough support for it. So please vote to help me determine.

Any comments pertaining to this section please comment.

Poll will end approx. March 14th

Will there be lots of room for pictures?

Vancouver Island

This sounds good to me if it is broken into the classes of yachts we sail. By this I mean would there be a subsection for IOM , another for US1M and so on. This would make it very eay then to look at what others are doing with thier boats.


It looks very positive about having a setup section.

I am going to put on the politician?s hat here and setup subject headings for individual classes, Why would I want to know about the setups of EC12, US1M, IOM, Mutlihulls etc when I sail a IOM .

But when I put on my engineers hat there might be some good information within these classes that I could use on a IOM or any other model I could be building such as a F100 (for example in my case)

The good case at the moment is the ?Pivot offset? subject started by wismerhall there has been input from several people who sail other boats from a 36/600 class (sorry if I am wrong have not checked the background of the people who have offered advice) to wismerhall.

So I am for having one subject heading for all classes. But what going to define these heading (once again the politicians hat) Sh*t we are so pc in NZ!!! We have to please everyone all the time. (That?s why we let the new boys on the block take the America?s Cup back to some mountains and valleys.

So don?t be selfish let all of us know how you have do it.

Sounds good to me…and what about considering a place for square riggers and multi-masted ships?[:-batman]

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Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!

Would it be possible to give Scale Sail it’s own section? It’s hidden in New Classes and if you are trying to find an old message it is a pain. I can never seem to remember what section it’s in.

Vancouver Island

I have to agree with Don and with JohnB

Scale sail should have its own area. Scale models take into different criteria and setups are a lot different then found on a “regular boat”
Mainly due to number of sails and style of boats. (Bluenose, Friggetes ect) Many of the scale boats not only compete in sailing but in competitions for scaled accuracy. Thus the major difference.

JohnB makes a good point and I agree with him A lot of the rigging information can be used in other classes of boats. I have used ideas based on US1M boats for the Victoria. And currently a few ideas from the EC12 and IOM are been added to the US1M I am building. Granted some of these ideas can be moved over to the scale sailing but not all. Depends if the person is out for the sailing competions or for building a true scale sailing model


So it looks like back in March we decided to setup a “rigging” section (with or withour subsections for particular classes). But nearly 3 months later, no such section exists…

What happened?

Will Gorgen

JayDee…thanks…I didn’t know that a “Scale Sailing” forum is available…I didn’t see it. I will seek it out and post there.

Always choose the lesser of the two weevils!

As a newbie to rc sailing, this sounds like an excellent idea to me. I’ve been to the local pond for races 5 times in the past two months and yet to see a yacht. Our local group is mostly retirees, and for some reason they don’t seem to be keeping to a schedule. How the rigging works in these boats works is still amystery to me because I’ve not seen theinside layout of a hull to see the servos tug the sheets…