Servos, what are you running?

Hello everyone,

I have owned a SeaWind for a few years and put it away for awhile. I have recently taken it apart to rebuild some of the parts that have deteriorated over time. My servos are completely unusable, and it appears Kyosho is back logged again on SW parts. Who is using non-Kyosho servos and what are you running? Thank you very much, I am glad I found this site.


The original Seawinds were specified with a Futaba S3801 sail servo - Sadly, these were discontinued many years ago. They can be found on line once in a while and are worth whatever the sell price! Kyosho is using a similar servo which has the same spline as the Futaba S3801 - The Kyosho catalog # 82277 KS9071-20SW Waterproof Sail servo]( Sells for around $65.00
There are a number of viable options out there

The rudder servo was spec’d Futaba S3004 - I posted a picture of one of my Seawinds with the original Futaba Servos.
Here are the spec’s for the S3801 - use these spec’s to shop for a replacement servo. S3001_Servo__4.5_
|Torque:|4.8V: 156.00 oz-in (11.23 kg-cm) 6.0V: 194.00 oz-in (13.97 kg-cm)|
|Speed:|4.8V: 0.30 sec/60° 6.0V: 0.26 sec/60°|
|Weight:|3.77 oz (107.0 g)|
|Dimensions:|Length:2.32 in (58.9 mm) Width:1.14 in (29.0 mm) Height:1.97 in (50.0 mm)|

I hope this information is of value. Post any questions you may still have.

Glad to hear you;re bringing an old SeaWind back to life.
Boomer’s Futaba suggestions are excellent, if you can find the servos. Other choices that work well and are used by many sailors are the Hitec HS-755 or 765 (with sail arm) for the sail control servo and the HS - 645 MG (or 646 WP ). the 646 is waterproof, but is slightly larger, requiring some enlargement of the tray opening.
Good luck and please let us know if you have more questions.
Ron Small