Servo trouble shooting

Okay new problem. I installed my regular 4 pack (cam with radio and reciver) into my boat and the servos go bizerk, the 815 goes to one end and stops moving the rudder servo starts shaking back and forth doing the funky chicken. I go plug it all into another reciever and servo all is good. Then I plug in good reciever to servos in boat (same batteries) and funky chicken again. I hope for some reason servos ar fried as I do not know what could have done that

I suggest that you check the wiring harness in the boat. You may have some corrosion in some of the plugs or a brittle wire that is making/breaking the circuit.

Some of these will sound like stupid questions but . . . . .

What kind of radio is causing the problem? Are you using the same TX for both tests or a whole different system? Does the boat give the same results with either radio? Was the antenna fully extended on the TX?

I have a Hitec Ranger that I use to test with frequently and unless the antenna is fully out the servos dance around a little bit. Antenna out - just fine.

Is the polarity the same on both radios? Airtronics changed their plug setup a few years ago (OK quite a few) and it was completely different from everyone else.


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I the radios were both the same, changed recievers, changed channels, antena out.
The 815 sail servo was not that old so I sent it to Hitec today, It should be cover by warranty. We will see. Thank you all for your help.


Well 2 weeks from sending in servo’s to Hitec, I recieved word that one servo was replaced and one was repaired and are on there way back to me via UPS, what great service. HITEC service was exceptional.