Servo swing angle

Newbie here. I’m building a Footy. Using an HS-82MG for sail servo. With my DX5e transmitter and AR-500 receiver, I’m getting about 66.5° of swing. My design options would be expanded if I could increase this swing angle, perhaps to 90°. I’ve read HiTec’s manual and a few threads about resistors and servo extender devices, but before I go much further I’d like to know if I’m missing some simple solution. Thanks.

One solution is to put a small turning block on the end of the arm. Anchor the end of the sheet to the hull near the exit hole. Run the line around the block on the arm, and then out of the exit hole to the sails.

Now, when the arm moves, it pulls twice the amount of line. The downside it that the load on the servo is doubled. (no free lunch)


You can disassemble the servo and and adjust the trimmer switches.

i have that same servo i used a round disk to wind my line the curve increases the amount of line it can pull so it can fit into smaller places

Thanks guys,

I’m leaning toward double sheeting. Afraid I wouldn’t know what to do inside the servo. Hadn’t considered qwerty’s idea. I couldn’t go with a circular “arm” as my servo is close to the hull side, but I could go with a cam that would be circular through the servo’s swing. It would fit, but it would restrict my access to the rudder servo, etc.