servo size?

i can use micros right?:scared:

Yes. Many of us are using HS-55 servos for the rudder. I think those have been marketed as sub-micro.


so does that also mean that i can use micro reciever?

yes! i’m sooo excited now!:smiley:

Yes you can 420.
We get a lot of these sort of questions,

Is the rule as published (Footy class rule)hard to understand???

With an adequately balanced rudder an even smaller servo will probably work very well - or even better. The tendency to fit powerful, high speed servos is likely to result in the rudder stalling if the stick is just flicked across to tack - exactly as an inexperienced helmsman in a full-size boat will stall the boat by over-vigorous use of the helm.

I have a very strong suspicion that the problems in tacking from which some Footys are said to suffer have nothing to do with the shape of the boat or its size but to inexperienced helmsmen using the helm as if it were the wheel of a dodgem car! Less available torque at the rudder stock puts a limit to this.

If you’re interested, look at the whipstaff steering thread. The design is intended to overcome this problem to some extent and is available to anyone to use.