servo setup

I have a Maxi racer Yacht but due to a few mishaps I have lost my plans that show how to set the servos up to operate the sails. Could anyone please help me as I am getting a bit desperate

Many thanks [:-banghead]


Who makes the Maxi Racer? Many of the larger companies like Kyosho have the instruction manuals available on their websites.

What kind of servo is it, arm or drum? If it is an arm winch, then it should be pretty easy to figure out how to attach the sheets between the arm and the booms. If it is a drum winch then you need to sort out the tensioning system (either open loop or closed loop) and the sheet attachement to that.

There is a good explaination of sheeting setups using arm or drum winches in the US1M construction manual (pages 57 through 61). This is generic stuff for any boat, but it explains how the systems work. So if all else fails read this and you should be able to figure out a way to make the system do what you want it to do:

If you give us a more specific question on what you are struggling with, I’m sure that someone here can help sort it out for you…

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Will Gorgen

joe 496,
i’m sure there are eager souls here willing to help you.maybe if you can post a picture of your yacht,you’ll get lots of replies.i’m not an expert and i am not familiar with the maxi racer. give more details maybe someone can share links to all the info that you’ll need.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to help me. Will look at the link, but here are some pics of the boat I am refering to, using an arm servo.

Thanks again


Sorry, Have tried to attach pics but it wont take them, keeps telling me I need to be logged in, which I am