Servo prefernces and setups

I have read and seen several different servo setups for controlling your sails… everything from winches to tandum servos, small arms to one larger arm, etc etc…

I was wondering if people could discuss what they perfer as far as setup. Some key points I would like to see discussed is:

  1. servo type(s)
  2. describe layout/installation/setup
  3. why you like it

I am still trying to decide what kind of setup i wam going to want with my USOM “Magic”. As of right now, look at some kind of sub mini or mini servo for rudder control and small lightweight sail servo for the sails… all mounted onto a single board (this is going to be dependent on on balancing everything after i water tank test my hull for best weight managment)


I run a Hitec 705MG in most of my 1 meter sized boats, Most are standardized and run identical set-ups. They are all modified to 180 degrees running a double arm / double purchase system.

I can undo the radio board with one screw and replace the whole system very quickly.

Works good, lasts long time

Not that big of a fan of micro rudder servos , My oldest sail servo is over ten years old.