servo mounting

I’m looking for a mounting or holding case. Something simple, just a flat bottom metal case that a standard size servo can fit into. Something I can epoxy to hull and them easily remove and replace servo. Used to have one but can’t remember where I got it.

Ernie - might help if you could provide physical size of the servo(s) you want to mount. Do they have to be metal? Do you need a cover? Can you use Velcro instead of epoxy?

Some of this info might trigger an idea or offer a substitute


Dick, the product I am searching for used to exist. It is/was a metal case slightly larger than a conventional standard servo and had 4 ears for the mounting screws to screw the actual servo into. The mounting case would be fixed (epoxied) to the hull and then the servo could be fitted into it. If necessary to replace the servo screws could just be removed and actual servo lifted out.


Servo City has various servo mounts - including a case style mount.

I’m using a small section of a PVC pipe cut in half … Not a box but cheap and light.

Like so:

Both Eric and Gilo, thanks and both ideas will work, but I am curious as to the actual product I remember.


neat idea… I usually just make cross beams out of carbon or wood…

f-ing brilliant…