September C-Class Racing - Toronto, CA

Great pic of a C practicing in Toronto harbour. The only error is that it is Toronto Ontario Canada which will be the site of the C championships sponsored by the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The races are either the end of Aug or early Sept and I can get the dates if anyone is interested. Thanks Bill.

Get out the radar gun. . .I think that guy is exceeding the harbour speed limit!:devil3:

There is a 7mph speed limit in the harbour (from memory. . I used to sail in Toronto, but have retired and moved to the west coast :cool: ).

so what is the abreviation for Canada ? Should I have added an “n” ?

" September C-Class Racing - will be in Toronto Canada "

There - that should be a bit more clear.

Unless Cogito isn’t showing her cards, Alpha, the non-foiling Canadian boat, is looking like she holds a substantial advantage … Patient Lady and Off Yer Rocker are nowhere close … Steve Clarke is either really smart or shitting bricks … Magnus and Eaton are being polite but, wow … race 6 goes off in a few minutes

alpha wins first 6

Great job Canada !

I have a special interest, in that the crew on Alpha is an r/c enthusiast from Toronto - he has 1 Meter tirmaran and also has played around in the 1 Meter F-500 (??) monohull class. Also, without his assistance, I would have a lot of F-48 trimaran plans in CAD files, rather than printed on paper.

Still knowing Steve, this may light a fire and get him going. How were the winds - light/medium, or was there some heavy stuff thrown in?

Go Magnus !

10ish kts today … a little lighter yesterday … pressure moving down so depending on when/if new front arrives mid-day, could benefit Steve with higher wind speed on Wednesday … still not convinced Cogito isn’t playing a good hand of poker … that said Eaton and Clarke know the shifts in the harbour better