See You Later

I am active in over a half dozen discussion groups and have never witnessed behavior like we have here.
It seems a few monopolize what can be discussed here, and lately it has nothing to do with sailboats.
I have not frequented The Local Pub but I must tolerate it every time I visit. Every time I check the latest active topics I find some silly argument…well, not “some”, the majority of what is going on is spats among a few members.
I think I’ll take a break and frequent healthier environments.
I’ll check back in from time-to-time, and I really hope things turn around here.


dont leave this board.
we are all nuts right now. and I personaly dont like to see people turned off sailing
if you want to talk , then you can talk with me. I have a new class forming and could use your help


Sorry to hear that…but I (we) really hope that soon all the crap will be ok…lets cross our fingers!
This board is actually full of great people with lots of experience!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

I would have to agree will Bill here what active discusion about Rc sailing is going on that worth staying around sweet stuff all.