SeaWind Sails Now Available at Koysho America

I posted the following on RC Groups regarding SeaWind sails and have copied it here since not everyone uses RCG.

[i]I have been on the waiting list for SeaWind sails at Koysho America for it seems like forever. And yes I can and have purchased class legal sails from Tippecanoe Boats ( and while you can choose the color of the corner patches, the fabric is a bit heavier and more difficult to read in very light winds like we have in my local venues.

Well, this morning I received an email from Koysho America saying the sails were back in stock. I quickly ordered a set but waited until now to see if they actually took my order and shipped. I just received a tracking number so it looks like they are real and not some computer glitch.

If you go to the Koysho America website, and can’t find them, it is because the sails, part SW9C, are listed in several places but ONLY ONE place shows they are in stock and available to order. That place is I have no idea why they cannot clean up their website, but if you want/need a set of sails I would order quickly since there is on telling how many were in the container.

BTW, I still think that $79.99 for a set of light fabric single panel offshore made sails without customization is price gouging (particularly since they are also listed in other sections of the website for $54.99) but unless we change the rules so you can make your own, like the DF65 class, we are stick with Koysho.[/i]

It looks like Kyosho has received some parts inventory! If you have been waiting for parts might be work a visit to their web site. It helps if you have part numbers to find the pieces you are looking for. Very few items show but if you enter the correct part number they come up.

As of the end of 2019, Kyosho America shows many parts, including the sails, mast sets, hulls etc being available. The readyset hull sometimes doesn’t show, but does if you key SW101.
I’ve been told by Kyosho that boats and parts will continue to be stocked, but that there will be periodic delays in delivery.
Ron Small